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This is the most effective, time-saving, pleasant and most beautiful way to start learning Chinese as a second language. Period. Forget about tables, ...

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This is the most effective, time-saving, pleasant and most beautiful way to start learning Chinese as a second language. Period. Forget about tables, charts, boring drills and frustrating pronunciation attempts. Save yourself the intimidation of being rectified and misunderstood for months or even years. With "Institutut - Sounds like Chinese" you'll swiftly get to master all initials, finals and tones as well as amp up your memorization skills. Promised. Comments: "This app is awesome. It's by far the best app for learning this material I have found to date (and I've looked for a long time)." - Ungana "First I was thinking: for an app, that's pretty expensive. But when I was 3 weeks into my Chinese course, and was ABSOLUTELY THE ONLY ONE in class who could correctly pronounce stuff, I knew this app will be worth every cent" - Niklas Sobotta, Student "I see this software has huge potential, it's so much better than anything I've seen before. Finally someone who solved the pinyin tables" - Franz Martin, Student "With the huge numbers of western people taking on the challenge of studying Chinese it was only a matter of time until decent study aids have been produced. Institutut/Sounds like Chinese will definitely shorten the time needed to master Chinese" - Richard Eberle, Export Import Compliance Manager INSTITUTUT - SOUNDS LIKE CHINESE PRODUCT & FEATURES Everything in this app is FUNctional as well as beautiful. You will be guided to learn: - Identifying all chinese phonemes (even in words you don't know) - and being able to tell them from each other - Thoroughly get to know how each phoneme is supposed to sound like - Memorizing sequences of phonemes - Be perfectly prepared for studying vocabulary Repository contents: - All initials, finals and tones you need to know - Complete with audio (from native speaker/China PRC) - Important information about HànydžPÄ«nyÄ«n - This is a complete replacement for the first (and most important) grammar chapter in every Chinese language textbook. Beyond its important content, "Institutut - Sounds like Chinese" offers: GUIDANCE You'll never be alone again in front of a huge pÄ«nyÄ«n table, but always guided and gently pushed to new levels. GENTLE INTRODUCTION Every new element is introduced in a gentle fashion, yet interesting and fast enough to keep it interesting. And you can always come back to the Repository to review what you have learned. SOFTWARE AS A PARTNER You'll never have to decide whether you have completed to learn something just by yourself. The software is designed to be more of a partner, than of a self-assessment. GAME Language is something very serious, the foundation of our development as a culture. Yet it also is fun. "Institutut - Sounds like Chinese" approves of this balancing act. SCIENTIFIC ROOTS The author has an university degree in Biomedical Engineering, is a Guild certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, has 10 years experience in Software Consulting and worked in the Department for eLearning and Behavioral Psychology in the field of Research and Course Design at the University of Applied Sciences Dornbirn/Austria for two years. Using this app, you're in good hands. Please send feedback and questions to campus@institutut.com. We'd love to hear from you.


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