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Have you ever carefully heard the sound a washing machine makes? Have you listened to the sound of the coffeemaker? Try to identify the sounds of various ...

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Have you ever carefully heard the sound a washing machine makes? Have you listened to the sound of the coffeemaker? Try to identify the sounds of various household appliances with Sounds of the House. This app is specially designed for children on the spectrum who can memorize sounds for a very short span of time. With the help of this app, you can teach them how to identify the sounds and help them understand what is going on around them. The app has a free version that can allow the child to play up to 5 activities and share their scores on Facebook. Sounds of the House engages children and helps them learn new things about their own household appliances. Let your child learn various interesting sounds in a very simple way with the app Sounds of the House. This ABA-based app is developed for children with autism to help them recognize sounds of various household appliances such as washing machine, vacuum cleaner, toaster, coffeemaker and blender. Sounds of the House is part of the Shanesh COLORS Program, designed to deliver intense, evidence-based intervention to children with special needs, especially autism spectrum disorders. The app, with the aid of assistive technology, helps build receptive skills that are essential to live an independent life. Built on the discrete trial part of applied behavior analysis, it includes colorful audio-visual prompts and a highly interactive gameplay environment. In the actual gameplay environment the child is first introduced to a set of sounds before he or she is asked to link a particular sound to its correct source. For each question there is one correct source and one distracter. Each time the child gives a correct response, a sound is played as a token of reward. This technique is based on the rule of positive reinforcement. Visit us at and for more information on our touchscreen-based, technology-driven intervention program using kiosk, the iPad, the iPhone and other smartphones. We offer IEP-driven synchronized intervention to children with autism. About Shanesh COLORS Program: Shanesh COLORS Program is an innovative way to deliver extended evidence-based therapy like applied behavior analysis (ABA). This intervention program is specially designed for special needs education and children with learning disabilities or individuals with autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Our well rounded technology extends the same ABA-based intervention from the classroom or therapy centers to the homes of children with learning disabilities, autism or any other special needs. The COLORS Program comes with a fully-integrated tracking and monitoring system, customizable settings and automation. It offers fun-filled, colorful, motivating, and vibrant educational content and environment using 3D animations and technology. We have joined hands with parents, educators, therapists, researchers, analysts, technocrats and service providers to deliver synchronized and cost-effective intervention based on IEP goals and individual preferences. Keywords: a autism, ABA, about autism, adhd, applied behavior analysis, apps special needs, as autism, ASD, asperger, asperger syndrome, aspergers, assistive technology, autism adults, autism child, autism on, Autism Spectrum, autism teaching, autistic, autistic children, Autistic Spectrum, behavior intervention, best apps for ipad2, children, activities, children autism, early intervention autism, games for child, games for children, games for kids, kids games, life skills, Mobile app, social skills training, Special education, Special Needs, teaching skills, technology for ducation, the autism, the ipad2, the aba, Touch apps, What is ABA, shanesh, webteam, webteamcorporation. shanesh, sounds of the house


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