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Space Travel-HD

☆┉∞ This a perfect cartoon for children developed by cooperation of senior planner in the domestic industry, top animator, and excellent illustrator. ☆┉∞ ...

Discontinued App


☆┉∞ This a perfect cartoon for children developed by cooperation of senior planner in the domestic industry, top animator, and excellent illustrator. ☆┉∞ The company invests heavily on this cartoon for producing elegant videos and frames and bringing shocks for players. ☆┉∞ The audio is finished by professional voice actors and famous audio engineers. ☆┉∞ This a story of protecting the earth and exploring the space. The kids can culture the sense of loving and protecting the earth while learning knowledge, enjoying interactions and funny. ☆┉∞ Kids, are you curious of the bondless universe besides the earth? Do you want to know secrets of other planets? Do you want to join the adventure of two little heroes? Join us now, let’s travel the universe together. ★ Contents: After being drifted in the universe for 300 years, human beings are eagerly to find a planet for their living. Hence, little Newton and Simon are taking a miracle seed and their friend-a robot, starting the space adventure in the solar system. During this wonderful journey, little Newton and Simon will take you to observe eight mysterious planets in the solar system. Besides, kids can help Newton and Simon to escape from danger with interactions. They will make new friends and help them out of trouble in this journey. Kids will experience great happiness while learning scientific knowledge. Whether they will find the new home or not? Let’s follow the heroes to find the answer. ★Unique features: ☆┉∞ Teaching in joy: The dull astronomical knowledge is hidden in the story and games, which can simplify and interest the knowledge to make it more easy and understandable to children. Children will learn the truth of climates and environment of the eight planets in the game. Through the game, children’s scientific knowledge will be enlarged and they will be willing to learn and read. ☆┉∞ Attractive storylines: Adventure of the eight planets is the background. With this background, children are easy to understand and remember; they can learn knowledge more quickly. ☆┉∞ Unique interactive experience: Well-designed interactions and game links integrate multi-touch, sensor and other functions of ipad into the game, allowing children touch, shake, blow and etc. Reading can be interesting. ☆┉∞Delicate stereoscopic frames: Illustrations are finished by professional illustrators. The frames are clear and stereoscopic, bright in color, exquisite and delicate. Images of the heroes are lovely and cute, and childish. When children are reading, they can feel happiness by communication with the heroes. ★Team introduction: DreamZ is a team with great strength and high enthusiasm. We focus on development of applications for children. Our team has top animators, senior planners, and professional illustrators. We combine innovation, designs, contents, and technology together, providing children and parents with most professional, most reliable and most excellent education products. Children can learn by interactions and games, parents can accompany and educate their children with the easiest way. We are devoting ourselves to develop wonderful applications with relax and happy learning environment for children.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 123.86 MB


Price: 2,99 €

Developed by Chong Chang

Day of release: 2012-12-8

Recommended age: 4+

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