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This valuable app allows you to visualize multiple domains of space weather in the palm of your hand in near real-time. No other app provides the breadth ...

Discontinued App


This valuable app allows you to visualize multiple domains of space weather in the palm of your hand in near real-time. No other app provides the breadth of real-time information from the world's leading institutions that create space weather products. What is space weather? It is the dynamical way in which the Sun affects the near-Earth space environment and our technological systems. Disturbances are caused by solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and these impact high frequency (HF) radio communications, GPS navigation accuracy, power line transmissions, cell phones, and satellite orbits. Space weather even creates the aurora. For example, say that a flare occurs and you want to know its effects at Earth right now. This app uniquely extracts data from real-time, operational systems linking the four major space environment domains (Sun, solar wind, magnetosphere, thermosphere/ionosphere). With a tap of the finger you see a detailed chain of energy events including SDO Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) solar images, the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) solar wind calculations, the forecast of the Dst geomagnetic disturbance at Earth, and even the real-time ionospheric total electron content (TEC). You have the most up-to-date visualization of the entire energy transfer from the Sun to the Earth at your fingertips. In addition to real-time data, forecasts and alerts from leading institutions are also provided. You will definitely want this app to see all the action in real-time when violent flares and powerful CMEs affect us during the decline from solar maximum (2013-2016). This app has been developed as a collaborative educational project between the Utah State University's Space Weather USTAR initiative (www.innovationutah.com) and Space Environment Technologies (www.spacewx.com). The app serves as a platform upon which many diverse organizations collaborate to integ rate 165 real-time products using an asynchronous, distributed, operational network. Data comes from participating institutions, including: NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center, National Solar Observatory, Solar Dynamics Observatory, Space Environment Technologies, SOHO consortium, STEREO mission, NorthWest Research Associates, NASA Community Coordinated Modeling Center, Rice University, Kyoto University World Data Center, Oulu University, Space Environment Corporation, U.S. Geological Survey, Utah State University Space Weather Center, and Virginia Tech University. Real-time space weather data includes: 60 solar data sets 16 solar wind data sets 23 magnetosphere data sets 53 atmosphere data sets 13 alerts FEATURES: Select from 165 near real-time space weather images and data figures of the Sun, the Solar Wind, the Earth's Magnetosphere, and the Earth's ionosphere/thermosphere! View the near real-time solar images, X-rays, and solar wind conditions as observed by the GOES, SOHO, STEREO, ACE, and SDO satellites. View maps of the near real-time ionosphere's global and regional TEC and HF radio propagation, which are updated every 15 minutes. View the forecasted F10.7 and X-ray flare probabilities up to 6 months in the future. View the geomagnetic NOAA ap index, and Dst Indices from Kyoto, SEC, CCMC, and the USGS. View the forecast Dst index and CME transit to Earth from SET. View the geosynchronous orbit particle fluxes as measured by the GOES satellites, and see the historical and predicted spacecraft charging at geosynchronous orbits. View the convenient solar wind dials from Rice University for a quick snapshot of solar wind conditions. View the current and predicted solar wind from the NASA Coordinated Community Modeling Center (CCMC). View the current Aurora Ovals to see where the aurorae may be visible. View the Sun's far-side active regions from the NSO/GONG program. Connect to a wide range of other space weather data via web page links.


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