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Experience Haworth Organic Workspaces Look closer and you`ll notice something even more intriguing. Our environment is entirely made up of ...

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Experience Haworth Organic Workspaces Look closer and you’ll notice something even more intriguing. Our environment is entirely made up of a flexible, responsive organic workspace solution. What’s more we’ve drawn on our global knowledge and research to create a facility that inspires, motivates, adapts, and sustains. Innovative Haworth’s global spaces are built on our world-class knowledge, products, and services. While the design can vary by market or geography, the overall aesthetic is consistent, clear, and beautiful. Design Part of Haworth’s evolution has been a shift in our focus away from studying objects to understanding relationships within the entire interior envelope. Different building typologies, group culture types, and unique personal workstyles frame the design opportunity from numerous perspectives. Sustainable The goals of an organic workspace are a healthier workforce, environment, and organization. Ergonomics, air quality, daylight, and views all drive human comfort, which enables a more effective organization. View from Anywhere Allow your finger to be your tour guide as you can virtually visit a few of our global spaces showcasing how our values, knowledge, and engineering have come to life. Visit North American locations, such as Chicago, New York, and our HQ, as well as European and Asia locations such as London, Mumbai, and Madrid. Feel free to view and share product information, find a showroom in the Maps application, or even call the showroom’s general line all with the built-in hot spots and information pieces. This application is brought to you by Haworth, Inc. of Holland, MI USA. For more information, please visit www.haworth.com.


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