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Speak & Spell French

Speak And Spell French This app is a fun learn to Spell app which will help build a simple French Vocabulary at the same time. The spelling has a training ...

Discontinued App


Speak And Spell French This app is a fun learn to Spell app which will help build a simple French Vocabulary at the same time. The spelling has a training mode where you see the associated picture and then the word for a few seconds - and then you have to type in the correct spelling. Take the spelling test to see fig you pass and qualify for the next round. There are thirty rounds all together each containing ten words. Round 1 is ready and waiting and round two can be added as and when you qualify and want to progress. Words included in English; Gold Goose Bed Potty Sea Bowl Juice Water Wine Box Rice Nose Bag Flying King Shooting Skiing Microlight One Six Ten Bear Cat Lion Bath Bench Helper Bucket Lolly Snorkel Wind Dad Bread Cabbage Milk Sweetcorn Hedge Moth Mud Arms Cheek Chin Dress Eyes Jumper Skirt Motorbike Wheel Black Blue Green Oval Pink Boxing Golf Luge Polo Quadbike Eight Eleven Five Nine Seven Two Cow Deer Dog Lemar Monkey Panda Pony Puppy Rabbit Tiger Zebra Book Door Lamp Lounge Soap Table Chalk Pupil Crab Drink Flip Flops Ice Cream Sailing Sand Shell Spade Swimming Cream Gate Glass Glove Hello Hug Mummy Swim Teddy Vest Wash Apple Beer Cider Crisps Cup Pasta Peach Pear Pizza Sugar Flower Pond Snow Tree Wasp Web Batteries Soup Feet Gloves Hands Teeth Beach Girl Plane Queen School Red Square White Yellow Fishing Stadium Wrestling Aeroplane Bicycle Canoe Coach Taxi Train Sixteen Three Twelve Twenty Bird Chicken Dragon Duck Gerbil Horse Mouse Pig Shark Sheep Tortoise Brush Bubbles Chair Comb Crayon Curtain Doll Drawer House Mirror Blazer Classroom Desk Felt Pen Paper Pencil Camera Jellyfish Mask Seaweed Sun Bib Draw Face Kiss Rattle Banana Butter Cherry Lettuce Mango Pineapple Raisin Yoghurt Ant Ball Boots Garden Aisles Basket Cake Cards Flowers Fruit Meat Money Razor Salad Tins Elbows Fingers Knees Legs Mouth Pyjamas Thumbs Tongue Balloon Boat Boy Circus Walking Brown Circle Orange Purple Ring Silver Sphere Star Hockey Karate Rowing Tennis Rocket Fifteen Four Thirteen Thirty Million Camel Giraffe Gorilla Penguin Bedroom Clock Cupboard Cushion Kitchen Spoon Window Bell Canteen Compass Lockers Scissors Airbed Family Fish Frisbee Jet Ski Kiosk Stones Coat Drum Candy Cookies Knife Popcorn Pumpkin Sweets Bee Grass Leaf Cheese Nappies Trolley Vegetables Hair Hat Scarf Shirt Wrist Doctor Fireman Van Referee Running Wicket Car Drag Lift Glider Gondola Badger Elephant Hedgehog Squirrel Carpet Notebook Satchel Uniform Watch


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 86.15 MB


Price: 2,69 €

Developed by Tony Roden Entertainment

Day of release: 2012-05-4

Recommended age: 4+

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