*** Discounted to $1.99 as part of our Happy Holidays Sale *** *** Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from RWH Technology! *** SpeakColorsHD is a speech ...

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*** Discounted to $1.99 as part of our Happy Holidays Sale *** *** Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from RWH Technology! *** SpeakColorsHD is a speech therapy app designed to encourage young children to imitate and use simple sentences using colors and photos of objects. This app is geared toward toddlers with speech and language delays, autism, Down syndrome and other developmental disorders. This app does much more than just teach colors. Use SpeakColorsHD to improve the following: - Receptive and expressive vocabulary skills - Phrase length - Spoken sentences - Speech/Articulation skills - Initiation and choice making skills for colors and objects - Fluency skills This premium version of SpeakColors includes: - 7 common colors - 200 colorful photographs of objects - 13 Types of sentences - 1469 Sentences - English female voice recordings - Import your own photos - Add/delete nouns for the sentences - Record your own voice - Microphone for your child to record their own voice for practicing the names of colors, food, animals, toys and common objects. "Increasing the number of words used in sentences and improving reading skills are two skills the affordable SpeakColors HD will help speech therapists and parents develop in their students." ~ iHeartThisApp.com "SpeakColorsHD is a simple and effective app with a solid amount of content." ~ theiPhoneMom.com "It is also great for teaching adjective+ noun phrases..." ~ Special Apps, Special Kids "I find it great for children with dyspraxia (childhood apraxia of speech) where you are working on multiple targets and trying to move them onto short sentences." ~ SpeechBlogUK "SpeakColors can do an excellent job of teaching words and sentence structure as a precursor to or in conjunction with other reinforcing hands-on multi-modality activities." ~ SpeechPathologyApps.com 4/5 Overall Rating ~ Technology In (SPL) Education Instructions: - From the main menu, press "Start". - Pick a color from the top of the screen. - Pick a sentence template from the upper-left of the screen. - Swipe left or swipe right (or use arrow buttons) to change objects. - Press a color or object in the middle of the screen to hear the name of the color or object. *** Disclosure *** At RWH Technology we are committed to the privacy and safety of our customers and their children. This app: - Does not collect/share any user's personally identifiable information. - Does not contain Social Network Integration or Links. - Does not contain ads. - Does not contain In-App-Purchases. - Does not contain push notifications.


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