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A "must-have" tool for every Speech-Language Pathologist, Teacher, & Parent is now FREE to try! Use for Reading, Phonological Awareness, Apraxia, ...

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A "must-have" tool for every Speech-Language Pathologist, Teacher, & Parent is now FREE to try! Use for Reading, Phonological Awareness, Apraxia, Articulation, & More! Millions of parents, teachers, & therapists have made little flip books of letters & sounds for their children, students, & patients - now you can SAVE TIME with this talking flipbook that is completely customizable to your needs! It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to have quick access to nearly every single-syllable word in the English language, suitable for all ages: 1) Pick which sounds you want to appear in initial, medial, & final positions 2) Flip between sounds or words to create the targets you want 3) Hear the sounds & words, or record yourself & play it back instantly! This app includes 16 sounds and 40 words with the option to upgrade to all 2300+ recordings of words in natural speech & 125 phonemes & clusters! The full version includes ALL vowels & consonants of Standard American English as well as over 250 sets of homophones! So many uses: *Learning to Read *Phonological Awareness *Apraxia *Articulation *Minimal Pairs *Phonological Disorders *Dysarthria *Accent Reduction *Speech Perception for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Settings are flexible: Sounds can appear in uppercase, lowercase, or IPA (international phonetic alphabet). See only real words, non-words, or both. Select any or all vowels as well as initial & final phonemes & clusters. Flip between sounds or whole words. Kids will have fun learning on their own or working with an adult or therapist on specific speech, language, or reading goals as they flip through the words. Adults can use this app too for rehabilitation from apraxia, aphasia, or dysarthria, or for English-language learning & accent reduction. SLPs can generate a word list on demand, focusing on all words that begin or end with a given sound, or words that fit a particular phonological structure (e.g. alveolar-vowel-alveolar). SLPs can use whichever therapy technique is indicated (cycles, minimal or maximal contrasts, metaphon, complexity, phonological awareness, traditional drill, etc) to treat speech sound disorders & use this app to generate the appropriate word lists! Words are paired with the sounds so learners can see the various spellings that go with each sound. Therapists are already seeing the results of children being in control of this app & improving each sound as they blend them together into well-articulated words! This app is deceptively simple - it can do so much once you learn to use the settings to achieve the word & sound activities you want. Additional instructions & videos on how to use the app for various purposes are available on our website. For Volume Purchases, please purchase Speech FlipBook Standard for all sounds included without in-app purchase. Here's what people are saying: "Can I just tell you how many hours this will save me?! I make these types of flip books for all my artic kiddos & ones working on phonological skills. This app is SOOO much easier & more functional." - SLP "I like hearing my voice when you push the red button!"..."You let me touch the letters so I can try all by myself!"..."Flipping the pages is fun!" - Elementary students "I've been working on sound blending with several students, but as soon as they see the picture in other materials, they stop blending & just name the picture. In this app, I can have them focus on blending the sounds & "discovering" the word on their own. This has really helped them understand the importance of using the sounds to help decode, instead of relying on the pictures." - School-based SLP


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