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A "must-have” tool for every Speech-Language Pathologist to use with all ages. Use for articulation, apraxia, reading, phonological awareness, and more! It’s ...

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A "must-have” tool for every Speech-Language Pathologist to use with all ages. Use for articulation, apraxia, reading, phonological awareness, and more! It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to have quick access to nearly every single-syllable word in the English language: 1) Pick which sounds you want to appear in initial, medial, and final positions 2) Flip each sound individually or flip whole words 3) Hear the sounds and words, then record yourself and play it back instantly _______________________ FLIP BOOKS JUST GOT BETTER This professional speech therapy app takes the little paper flip books that so many parents, teachers, and therapists have made – and enhances them with benefits that are only available through technology: *Touch each of the 125 phonemes and clusters to hear them *Play all 2,300+ single-syllable words in natural voice *Record yourself and play it back for instant feedback and self-monitoring *Select only the sounds you want to target in each position of the word *Pick the combination of word shapes you need (V, CV, VC, CVC) *See sounds, spelling, or IPA (phonetics) on the pages *Limit combinations to only real words *Target specific vowels – something few other articulation apps let you do This free version of the app has 16 sounds and 40 words with the option to upgrade with in-app purchase. Or simply download Speech FlipBook Standard for the full app. _______________________ WHY YOU NEED THIS APP Speech-language pathologists love this app because it’s so convenient. You can generate word lists in seconds, focusing on specific initial or final sounds, clusters, or sound combinations. Pediatric therapists are seeing the positive results of children being in control of this app. The kids can hear and make each sound, then blend them together into well-articulated words. They’ll love recording themselves and flipping the pages – and you’ll love the progress they’re making. “But there aren’t any pictures! Kids need pictures!” Wrong! The child who sees a picture of a car will likely use their typical speech production and say “cah.” The same child who touches each sound individually, without necessarily knowing what the word will be, can copy and blend the sounds more accurately. They’ll surprise themselves with how well they’re speaking! Adults love Speech Flipbook too. There’s nothing childish about this app that can be useful for survivors of stroke, brain injury, and progressive diseases that impact communication. This app can be used in therapy to target: *Articulation *Apraxia *Learning to Read *Phonological Awareness *Minimal Pairs *Phonological Disorders *Dysarthria *Accent Reduction *Speech Perception for Deaf and Hard of Hearing SAVE TIME with this talking flip book that is completely customizable to your needs. Use whichever therapy technique you like for speech sound disorders (cycles, minimal or maximal contrasts, metaphon, complexity, phonological awareness, traditional drill, etc), and use this app to generate the appropriate word lists on demand. _______________________ WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING "Can I just tell you how many hours this will save me?! I make these types of flip books for all my artic kiddos & ones working on phonological skills. This app is SOOO much easier & more functional." - School-Based SLP "I've been working on sound blending with several students, but as soon as they see the picture in other materials, they stop blending & just name the picture. In this app, I can have them focus on blending the sounds & ‘discovering’ the word on their own. This has really helped them understand the importance of using the sounds to help decode, instead of relying on the pictures." - School-based SLP *No outside ads, links can be deactivated *Opt for the Speech FlipBook Standard edition if you are interested in the Tactus Therapy app bundles or educational purchase


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 41.07 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Day of release: 2013-07-2

Recommended age: 4+

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