This application provides an efficient method to calculate and record WPM (Words Per Minute) easily, which supports your practice of speed reading. WPM, ...

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This application provides an efficient method to calculate and record WPM (Words Per Minute) easily, which supports your practice of speed reading. WPM, calculating how many words you can read within one minute, is very important to affirm your achievement of speed reading practice. There are a lot of excellent methods to learn speed reading and in any method it is said that to check your WPM is the first exercise and should be done regularly. However, it involves an immense amount of time and effort if you count up your WPM using a clock and textbook. The following is one of the easiest calculation methods generally known. Citation “To Find Your Reading Rate 1. Select a section of your testing book that is about ten pages long and that you have not read. 2. Read as fast as you can in the material for three minutes. Use your timing device. 3. At the end of the three minutes, make a pencil or pen mark where you stopped reading, then close the book. (snip) 4. First find the average number of words per line: (a) ___ WPL 5. Count the total number of lines read: (b) ___ 6. Multiply “a” by “b”  for total amount you read: (c) ___ 7. Divide “c” by the number of minutes you read:     ___ WPM You might think this is troublesome. Our intent is not to be able to count quickly the words or lines which we have read but to be able to read fast. This is where the application comes in. If you use this application, you can easily compute and record your WPM with one touch. First, please select a time limit and click the start button, then concentrate on reading as fast as you can. After the final whistle, all you have to do is to touch the last word you read. As a result, the number of the words you have read, the time you took, and WPM will be shown, so please save them by pressing the “Save this record” button if there is no problem. You can reconfirm the result later from the “History” button on the bottom-left. (How to practice) Once you have checked your current WPM, you need the practice to read faster. Whether consciously or not, the average reader tends to read over sentences. The practice section of this application will help you avoid the tendency to read over. Set your target WPM and press the “Start Training” button. The words start to disappear from the beginning at the rate of WPM you have set, so please try to read keeping the speed. You’ll find that your speed reading ability has been improving while you repeat the test and practice. Manual of appendix: To change text size and color, and control the volume of the button pressing or page turning sounds, go to the “Setting” button on the top right. Adding text: To add your favorite texts, please press the “+” button on the top left of the text select page. If you copy your favorite texts on the browser or another application, you can add it easily with “Paste” button. Also, you can add DRM Free ePub files from Feedbooks.com. you can discover thousands of eBooks, including new releases and the best collection of free public domain books.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5.0

Size: 4.79 MB


Price: 1,66 €

Developed by KIYOTA

Day of release: 2012-05-28

Recommended age: 4+

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