Spelling - Spanish This is a great "Learn To Spell" app for young children or adults who want to learn you how to spell and speak simple Spanish words. There ...

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Spelling - Spanish This is a great "Learn To Spell" app for young children or adults who want to learn you how to spell and speak simple Spanish words. There are two modes to choose from; Practice mode; in this mode there will be an image shown of the word to spell and for a few moments the word will appear before being erased by the blackboard eraser - you will need to memorise the word and then type it in - correct answers receive congratulation messages whilst wrong answers are encouraged to be tried again. Spell Test Mode; Here you are asked to spell the word and if you get enough answers to pass the spelling test you can qualify to progress to the next round. Parents can set the pass rate and high scores are maintained to encourage the user to keep trying to achieve the maximum marks. This is highly entertaining and educational fun for the children, level 1 is available with the download and the other levels can be added as and when you wish to progress There are 30 levels of 10 words each to have fun with and the Spanish words listed here in English are; Bear Bread Fish Bowl Cabbage King One One Thousand Sea Snack Bar Sun Two Baby Bath Bed Cat Cup Flower Frog Juice Table Train Wine Blue Box Bucket Chalk Checkout Classroom Cone Cot Cow Duck Eight Eleven Eyes Face Feet Goal Hair Hello House Judo Kiss Leaf Luge Monkey Motorbike Mouth One Hundred Pear Pink Polo Pony Raisin Rat Red Rowing Seaweed Six Soup Spade Taxi Ten Three Twelve Water Yacht Bag Blanket Boat Book Boots Car Chair Clock Dog Drink Fishing Flying Fridge Hands Hat Key Milk Pasta Pen Pizza Walking Balloon Beach Bee Bench Black Bowling Boxing Can Canoe Cans Caterpillar Cheese Chicken Cider Circus Comb Cream Donkey Elbows Eyebrows Fence Fingers Five Fruit Gerbil Glasses Goose Green Hedgehog Jelly Mango Meat Mud Nine Nose Panda Paper Pig Plate Queen Rice Ruler Sand Scuba Diving Seven Sheep Silver Skirt Snow Swim Teddy Tennis Thirteen Tiger Tins Wash Wheel Wrestling Yoghurt Ball Bib Bird Books Coat Door Garden Ice Cream Rabbit Sweets Arms Blazer Cake Cardigan Cherry Clown Darts Deer Draw Drum Ears Egg Fifteen Flowers Four Gate Giraffe Glass Gold Gorilla Grapefruit Guinea Pig Hug Jellyfish Karate Kitchen Kite Mirror Money Pupil Purple Ring Rocket Sailing Boat Shell Shirt Snacks Sphere Square Tongue Towel Twenty Wasp White Wind Beer Bus Family Fork Frisbee Orange Potty School Spoon Teacher Ant Apple Basket Bell Biscuit Ambulance Blackboard Bottle Brush Camel Canteen Carpet Cheek Colours Cupboard Curtain Deckchair Dress Drinks Eighty Fencing Fireman Fourteen Gloves Horse Kangaroo Kiosk Legs Lettuce Magazine Ninety Paint Pool Satchel Scarf Scissors Seventy Shoes Shooting Sixty Skates Snail Squirrel Stadium Stones Teeth Thirty Toilet Tortoise Tractor Vest Wicket Window Knife Swing Volleyball Aisles Bubbles Butterfly Candy Cards Cereals Climbing Crab Cruise Liner Cycling Elephant Elevator Forty Gym Headmaster Knees Lemonade Leopard Notebook People Pillow Pond Pumpkin Puppy Rattle Salad Star Stretched Limo Sun Lounger Thumbs Uniform


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