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Download Spell Better now to instantly improve writing and spelling. - Word prediction & auto-completion - Context and phonetic spell checker ...

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Download Spell Better now to instantly improve writing and spelling. - Word prediction & auto-completion - Context and phonetic spell checker - Text-to-Speech with word highlighting - Fonts optimized for dyslexia - Integrated English dictionary (with IPA symbols) - ABCD keyboard (in addition to QWERTY) SPELL CHECK EXAMPLES - Real-word spelling errors ("peace" -> "piece") - Phonetic spelling erorrs ("preshius" -> "precious", "peturs" -> "pictures") - Word boundary errors ("verynice" -> "very nice") - Skipped and repeated letters ("probley" -> "probably") - Missed vowels ("Ths is rly amzng" => "This is really amazing") - Homophone substitutions and other complex orthographic errors It performs much, much better than the built-in iOS spell checker. There is no comparable piece of software on iOS at present. REViEWS "This is a great app, very useful for my pupils. I have Parents Night tonight and will be recommending Spell Better." "Multiple students of mine are now requesting that I bring my iPad to class so they can use this app to complete all of their assignments. These students are generally disengaged and tend to avoid all work requiring them to write/ organize their thoughts and it is so exciting to see how much their enthusiasm increases when given supports such as SpellBetter." "We did have a chance to try Spell Better and love it! The update came out just in time for our full day iPads in Special Education training we gave yesterday so that we were able to let others know about what a great app it is for word prediction. " "This is brilliant for my dyslexic pupils and others who struggle to write. It's really useful for homework, too. Great communications with Nanavit [sic] have ironed out my inadequate ability with any ICT! A superb App, thank you!" RECOMMENDED Spell Better has been featured and recommended by: - The University of Michigan, Center for the Development of Language & Literacy (dyslexiahelp.umich.edu) - Pennsylvania Department of Education, Intermediate Unit 5 (iu5.org) - Minnesota Department of Education, Intermediate District 287 (district287.org) - Open Dyslexic (opendyslexic.org) - National Disability Coordination Officer Program (NDCO), Australian Government (www.innovation.gov.au) Download Spell Better now and improve spelling instantly! VOLUME PURCHASE PROGRAM (VPP) Spell Better VPP is compatible with Apple's Volume Purchase Program for Education and does not contain any in-app purchases or other restrictions. There is a discount available for bulk purchases. .


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Version: 2.0

Size: 33.33 MB


Price: $ 0.00

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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