Spelling - Intermediate Level is a app based at kids who are maybe year 2,3 and 4 6 letter words are the starter in this 30 level app that has some 300 ...

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Spelling - Intermediate Level is a app based at kids who are maybe year 2,3 and 4 6 letter words are the starter in this 30 level app that has some 300 words to learn. There are two modes, Training mode - where the word is revealed alongside a picture for a while - and then wiped clean and the child has to attempt to spell that word. Correct spelling is rewarded with encouraging messages and wrong answers trigger the answer and a attempt to try again. Tes Mode - hère the child has to meet the pass rate set bu the parent to progress to the next level. Level 1 is included and the others scan be added as and when the child wishes to progress. Words; Toilet Tongue Twelve Twenty Wicket Window Yellow Blanket Fishing Frisbee Jet Ski Running Sailing Teacher Walking Balloon Bedroom Bicycle Biscuit Bowling Bubbles Cabbage Canteen Carrots Cereals Chicken Colours Compass Cookies Crayons Cricket Curtain Cushion Cycling Fencing Fifteen Fingers Fireman Flowers Freezer Giraffe Glasses Gliding Goggles Gondola Goodbye Gorilla Hamster Hexagon Hurdles Jeepney Ketchup Kitchen Leopard Lettuce Lockers Meerkat Million Mittens Nappies Netball Octagon Penguin Petfood Popcorn Pumpkin Pyjamas Red Bus Referee Sandpit Satchel Scooter Seaweed Seventy Sixteen Snooker Snorkel Snowman Stadium Tractor Tractor Trailer Trolley Uniform Yoghurt Computer Swimming Airliner Armbands Baseball Bathroom Biscuits Blue Sky Car Park Cardigan Checkout Climbing Cupboard Eighteen Elephant Elevator Eyebrows Felt Pen Football Forklift Fourteen Hedgehog Kangaroo Ladybird Lemonade Lifeboat Linesman Magazine Marathon Mini Bus Mini Car Mushroom Nineteen Notebook Pentagon Quadbike Sandwich Sausages Scissors Shooting Shoppers Snowball Squirrel Swimsuit Thirteen Tortoise Triangle Trousers Trycycle Windmill Ambulance Chocolate Ice Cream Aeroplane Alligator Athletics Badminton Batteries Blue Eyes Bobsleigh Bodyboard Book Bags Brown Dog Butterfly Cable Car Chairlift Classroom Cosmetics Crocodile Deckchair Drag Lift Escalator Gold Ring Golf Ball Golf Club High Jump Jellyfish Lawnmower Lifeguard Microwave Mono Rail Motorbike Pineapple Pink Bike Policeman Pushchair Rectangle Seventeen Skydiving Snack Bar Spaghetti Spectator Sportscar Sun Cream Surfboard Sweetcorn Telephone Text Book Water Ski White Cat Windbreak Wrestling Helicopter Police Car Speed Boat Sunglasses Television Trampoline Volleyball Basketball Blackboard Blue Plane Brown Eyes Calculator Car Racing Coastguard Flip Flops Gold Clock Grapefruit Guinea Pig Headmaster Ice Hockey Ice Skates Ice Skates Kickboxing Land Yacht Microlight Paraglider PE Uniform Power Boat Protractor Racing Car Red Square Rugby Goal Sandcastle School Bus School Tie Skateboard SpaceCraft Stationary Sunbathing Toothbrush Toothpaste Twenty One Twenty Six Twenty Two Vegetables Wheelchair Yellow Car Cricket Bat Banana Boat Black Horse Carrier Bag Caterpillar Credit Card Fire Engine Gyro Copter Hang Glider One Hundred Racing Bike Rowing Boat Rubber Ring Ski Jumping Sports Hall Steam Train Sun Lounger Twenty Five Twenty Four Twenty Nine Wheelbarrow Board Eraser Cash Machine Cruise Liner Ten Pin Bowling Hang Gliding Hippopotamus Hockey Stick Horse Racing Mortar Board Motor Glider One Thousand Orange Juice Parascending Sailing Boat Scuba Diving Shopping Bag Snowboarding Table Tennis Toilet Rolls Twenty Eight Twenty Seven Twenty Three Water Skiing Highlight Pen Horse Jumping Ice Cream Van Inline Skates Mountain Bike Orange Circle Playing Field Roller Skates Skateboarding Tennis Racket Three Wheeler Weightlifting Football Boots Football Pitch Go Kart Racing


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