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Spelling - My First Words This is a app aimed at reception and year 1 Children. This educational app is fun for the kids as they have thirty levels ...

Discontinued App


Spelling - My First Words This is a app aimed at reception and year 1 Children. This educational app is fun for the kids as they have thirty levels of 10 words each starting with easy 3 letter words and gradually increasing to easy 6 letter words. There are two modes ; Practice; this mode shows an image and the word to spell for a sec on or two before being wiped away by the blackboard eraser - the child has to remember what they saw and type in the correct spelling - if correct they are rewarded with a well done - if wrong the word is spelt out for them and they can try again. Test mode; the image is displayed and the child is asked to spell the word. At the end of the test if they meet the pass mark (set by the parent) they can progress to the next level. Level one is included and the other levels can be added as and when your child is ready to progress. Words available in this app are; Bag Bed Bib Bus Car Cup Dog Hat Key Key Pen Pen Ant Bee BMX Box Boy Can CDs Cot Cow Dad Egg Gym Hug Mud One Pig Rat Red Sea Six Sun Ten Two Van Web Baby Ball Bath Bear Beer Bike Bird Bird Boat Book Coat Door Fish Fork Frog Milk Soap Wine Arms Bell Blue Bowl Cake Cans Chin Comb Cone Crab Deer Desk Doll Draw Drum Duck DVDs Ears Eyes Face Feet Five Four Gate Girl Goal Gold Golf Hair Judo King Kiss Kite Lamp Leaf Legs Lion Luge Mask Meat Moth Nine Nose Oval Pear Peas Pink Polo Pond Pony Pool Rice Ring Sand Snow Soup Star Swim Taxi Tins Toes Tree Vest Wash Wasp Wind Zero Books Boots Bread Chair Clock Drink Grass Hands Juice Knife Mouse Pasta Pizza Potty Spoon Swing Table Train Apple Beach Bench Black Brown Brush Camel Candy Canoe Cards Chalk Cheek Cider Clown Coach Cream Darts Dress Dummy Eight Fence Fifty Forty Fruit Glass Glove Goose Green Hedge Hello Horse House Jelly Kiosk Knees Lemar Lolly Mango Money Moped Mouth Mummy Nappy Paint Panda Pants Paper Paper Peach Phone Plane Plate Pupil Puppy Queen Razor Rugby Ruler Salad Scarf Seven Shark Sheep Shell Shirt Shoes Sixty Skirt Slide Snail Socks Spade Sugar Teddy Teeth Three Tiger Towel Watch Water Wheel White Wrist Yacht Zebra Crayon Family Flower Flying Fridge Garden Orange Pencil Rabbit School Stairs Sweets Airbed Aisles Badger Bakery Banana Basket Beetle Blazer Bottle Boxing Bucket Butter Camera Carpet Cheese Cherry Circle Circus Crisps Doctor Donkey Dragon Drawer Drinks Eighty Elbows Eleven Gerbil Glider Gloves Helper Hockey Hoover Jumper Karate Laptop Lounge Mirror Monkey Ninety People Picnic Pillow Please Purple Raisin Rattle Riding Rocket Rowing Rubber Silver Skates Skiing Snacks Sphere Spider Square Stones Sunhat Tennis Thirty Thumbs


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 79.27 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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