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Spicy Schematics

------------------------------------- Spicy Schematics is the 1st iPad schematics capture and simulation program using REAL SPICE SIMULATION, and is a ...

Discontinued App


------------------------------------- Spicy Schematics is the 1st iPad schematics capture and simulation program using REAL SPICE SIMULATION, and is a revolution in circuit design. Spicy is fast, intuitive, and allows you to literally draw circuits with your fingers. Powered by MULti-Processor Hybrid Environment (MULHE) ** TRY OUR FREE VERSION BEFORE YOU BUY ** 10,000 Users Can't Be Wrong! We surpassed that number a while ago, and are still growing .. be a part of the community! Note that we do not use a SPICE-like simulator, or something that is Spice-ish, we actually use Berkeley Spice! (this is the real deal) You can tell other apps do not use spice because they have no ability to allow users to use their own spice models, or real spice models from manufacturers. Spicy offers this capability and more! This version brings Spicy up to speed with enhanced usability, performance, and new features. Spicy now also has a WEB version that works within your BROWSER!! Sync your files from iPad to your PC or Mac, your schematics, anywhere, anytime! [Details on Spicy for Web at our homepage] Other apps with fancier interfaces are fun, but when you want and need to do real engineering simulation, you need real spice simulation behind the calculations .. and now, Spicy offers a new Spice Model Upload Service! This means you can upload your own spice models (switch models, logic, ICs, opamps, FETs, etc ... ) and literally simulate any circuit you need to. You can even create a sub-circuit model and use the new general IC part to encapsulate the whole circuit as one part! You can do your circuits homework, sketch your new product idea, and do real spice simulations for work. Spicy is the only app that does what it does, and it the standard in iPad circuit design. Spicy allows you to design schematics on the fly, share with co-workers and friends while offering you an intuitive, familiar design environment that is portable. Spicy includes advanced and unique features such as simulation profile setup and spice formatted netlist export, file save and import/export, and video help. One of the most powerful features of Spicy is the Spicy Schematics Online Circuit Library and backup system. The library is a place where you can upload/download circuit schematics, and search for designs others have uploaded... a central repository for schematics and maybe your next big idea! If you don't want to share, there is a password protect option when uploadng s only you and your group can access them. Spicy is for students, teachers, engineers, hobbyists, ... and anyone who has a need for a simple, flexible circuit design tool that they can take with them anywhere. Create, save, edit, share, export, simulate, and even send screenshots via email, Spicy is a must have for students and working engineers alike. Be sure to join the Spicy Schematics user groups and like us on Facebook for FREE support and the ability to connect with other Spicy users! Details at: http://ischematics.com/support.html Watch tutorial videos before getting started: http://ischematics.com/demo.html Spicy Schematics, intuitive, powerful, a must have for the modern electrical engineer! ** Notes ** Spicy supports the following FET models: MOS1, MOS2, MOS3, MOS6, MOS9, BSIM1, BSIM2, BSIM3v0, BSIM3v1, BSIM3v32, BSIM4, BSIM4v2, BSIM4v3, BSIM4v4. B4SOI Note that some features including netlisting and simulation require an active internet connection Try the free app also with up to 30 netlisting/simulation trials and allowed 2 file saves (permanent) Note: If you are simulating and you see a message "Please wait .. " and it does not display results within 10 seconds, you are probably at a location where they are blocking certain ports to the internet. Some companies and public WIFI do this. If this is the case, let us know and we can try to help.


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Version: 2.4.6

Size: 4.39 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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