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《Spiral游絲腕表》是星島雜誌集團旗下一本本地著名的手錶月刊,專為手錶愛好者而設,內容包羅高檔鐘錶的市場動向、品牌介紹與技術知識,極盡專業詳細。另外更設有欄目品味高級生活,迎合高消費力之讀者的需要。 As the leading watch magazine in Hong Kong, Spiral ...

Discontinued App

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《Spiral游絲腕表》是星島雜誌集團旗下一本本地著名的手錶月刊,專為手錶愛好者而設,內容包羅高檔鐘錶的市場動向、品牌介紹與技術知識,極盡專業詳細。另外更設有欄目品味高級生活,迎合高消費力之讀者的需要。 As the leading watch magazine in Hong Kong, Spiral covers a wide range of topics in relation to the horology industry. Apart from keeping watch-lovers well-informed about the trend of the high-end watch market and introducing prominent brands to them, the monthly magazine imparts technical timepiece knowledge to its readers. High quality lifestyle contents are also included to meet the needs of readers having high purchasing power. # 本應用程式不支援已Jailbreak之iPad # 請注意部份地區的網絡服務供應商可能長期或短期干擾或封鎖某些IP Address﹝可能包括本應用程式或其部分﹞使其用戶不能連結資料庫﹝不論有否預先通知﹞。 購買或訂閱之用戶須自行承擔以上風險。


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Developed by Sing Tao Magazine Group Ltd

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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