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GENERAL: This app allows subscribers to SportsBusiness Daily and SportsBusiness Journal to read complete issues of each publication and all associated ...

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GENERAL: This app allows subscribers to SportsBusiness Daily and SportsBusiness Journal to read complete issues of each publication and all associated news feeds. Each time the app is launched, it will automatically update each publication and allow downloading of any or all of the last 10 issues from the main screen for each feed. Subscribers to SportsBusiness Journal will see SportsBusiness Journal content. Subscribers to SportsBusiness Daily will see content from SportsBusiness Daily, SportsBusiness Daily Global, Morning Buzz, Closing Bell and Weekend Rap. All subscribers will see content from the ‘On the Ground’ blog. COMPATIBILITY: This app is compatible with devices running iOS 7 or greater. NOTIFICATIONS: Users will receive a notification each time a new issue is published, unless the opt-out option is exercised. Notifications may be enabled or disabled for each individual publication by selecting the ‘Help’ button, and then the ‘Notifications’ menu. UNREAD ISSUES: A badge on the app icon on the device home page will show how many unread issues are available since last open, and will reset to 0 when the app is opened. Inside the app, on the “Subscriptions” page, badges will show the number of unread issues for each publication. When a publication is selected, the last 10 issues of that publication will be listed, with a dot indicating unread issues. DOWNLOADING ISSUES: To read an issue of any publication, simply tap on a date and it will begin to download. To download an older issue, select the ‘Older Issues’ option at the bottom of the screen for any publication. SAVING AND DELETING ISSUES: The app will automatically delete downloaded issues beyond the last 10 available issues. To manually delete an issue, swipe to the left across the issue date. SAVING AND SHARING STORIES OR ISSUES: Using the share menu you can send a link for the Daily, Global, Journal or On The Ground story or for complete issues of Morning Buzz, Closing Bell or Weekend Rap. You can also save these items on the device for future reference. ‘ON THE GROUND’ BLOG: Users must be online to read the ‘On the Ground’ blog. MULTIPLE DEVICES: The app may be logged in on three devices at any one time. Upon logging in with a fourth device, users will be asked to log out a previously used device. HYPERLINKS: Selecting a link to a subscription page on the SportsBusiness Daily/Global/Journal website will require the user to log in to the site one time per device, unless the device has been logged out or a new version of the app is downloaded.


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Version: 2.1.3

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Developed by SportsBusiness Daily/Global/Journal

Day of release: 2013-06-21

Recommended age: 9+

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