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On 29 Feb, our web hosting organisation was subjected to a 'Denial of Service' attack which resulted in our Apps not displaying rates for 48 hours. A ...

Discontinued App


On 29 Feb, our web hosting organisation was subjected to a 'Denial of Service' attack which resulted in our Apps not displaying rates for 48 hours. A new version is about to be released which fails over to a backup site if it detects that the primary site is compromised. 'Spot Rates…in your pocket' is the first of a series of FX and Treasury related Apps from Smartphonet, the iPhone software division of e-portals Ltd. Live rates are supplied by FOREX.com, a division of GAIN Capital Holdings International, a recognised global leader in foreign exchange trading. As a result, the rates truly reflect those currently available to trade and are quoted to 5 places of decimal, reflecting the prices at which trades can be done on FOREX.com's website. ‘SR…IYP’ is designed for easy, intuitive, finger-friendly use and shows the world's most popular spot FX rates and their inverses - summoned, uniquely, by simply inverting your iPhone or iPod Touch! Clear legending and layout makes for easy reading of a pair’s bid and offer rates aided by indicators showing the direction of change, and the high and low for the day. ‘SR...IYP’ uses customised tables for intuitive navigation, editing and reordering which in turn allows you to have your favourite rates to hand with easy swiping access to all the others, with the tap of a button to inspect a pair in more detail. Touch-based, live, dynamic charts with tooltip support give a quick impression of how rates are moving - displaying an easily understood view of the markets, and shows how the rate movements relate to each other. Rates can be updated often as every 2 seconds and chart duration is easily changed. For iPhone OS v 3.0 onwards. - 25 currency pairs, including USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD, HKD, NZD, NOK, DKK - Inverses available for all pairs - uniquely performed by inverting your iPhone or iPod Touch - Unique dynamic charting allows mid-rate plotting against daily high/lows or against values received since the App was started - Charts are generated in App preventing need for further trips to the server and reducing your bandwidth costs - Landscape orientation support providing higher resolution charting - Drilldown available showing more detail for each pair including plots for bid, ask, and mid rates - Touch based tooltips allow you to inspect received prices in the chart with a swipe of a finger - Refresh rates from a little as 2 seconds - Live charting periods of up to 220 mins (dependent upon refresh rate) - Data transfer counter available for session and lifetime - Full currency pair editing system allowing rows to be edited, added, deleted and reordered - In-App browser allows you to navigate the web without leaving Spot Rates


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Version: 1.1

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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