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SpreadSheet Assistant

SpreadSheets Assistant is a spreadsheet app, which lets you create and edit XLS/XLSX format spreadsheets on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is compatible ...

Discontinued App


SpreadSheets Assistant is a spreadsheet app, which lets you create and edit XLS/XLSX format spreadsheets on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is compatible with Excel, Numbers and any other XLS/XLSX-based Spreadsheet program. GENERAL FEATURES ● View, create, edit and save spreadsheets in XLS/XLSX format. ● Compatible with Excel, Numbers, NeoOffice. ● Portrait and landscape views. ● Handles multiple worksheets. ● Handles unlimited rows and columns. ● Searching and sorting of cells. ● Cell formatting, including bold, italic, borders, text and cell color, alignment, text wrapping. ● Cell types, including General, Number, Currency, Percentage, Date, Time, Date/Time and Text. ● Merge cells feature. ● Pane freezing. ● Copy and paste within and between worksheets. ● Tap and drag to change row heights and column widths. ● Intelligent auto range selection for range based functions. ● Tap cells to compose formula. ● Insert, copy, paste or cut cell ranges, rows or columns. ● Date formats, date separators and numeric separators are all handled correctly according to the current locale, with manual override. Out of all the iPhone spreadsheets, only Sheet² does this correctly! ORGANISING SPREADSHEETS ● Create or delete folders. ● Move or copy spreadsheets between folders ● Email spreadsheets as attachments. ● Print spreadsheets wirelessly (iOS4.2 and later). FUNCTIONS ● Financial Functions - FV, NPER, PMT, PV, RATE ● Mathematical Functions - ABS, CEILING, EVEN, EXP, FACT, FLOOR, INT, LN, LOG, LOG10, MAX, MIN, MOD, ODD, PI, POWER, PRODUCT, RAND, ROUND, ROUNDDOWN, ROUNDUP, SIGN, SQRT, SQRTPI, SUM, SUMIF, SUMPRODUCT, TRUNC ● String Functions - CHAR, CLEAN, CODE, CONCATENATE, DOLLAR, EXACT, FIND, LEFT, LEN, LOWER, MID, PROPER, REPLACE, REPT, RIGHT, SEARCH, SUBSTITUTE, TRIM, UPPER ● Statistical Functions - AVEDEV, AVERAGE, AVERAGEA, LARGE, MEDIAN, MODE, NORMDIST, SMALL, STDEV, STDEVA, STDEVP, STDEVPA, VAR, VARA, VARP, VARPA ● Trigonometric Functions - ACOS, ACOSH, ASIN, ASINH, ATAN, ATAN2, ATANH, COMBIN, COS, COSH, DEGREES, PERMUT, RADIANS, SIN, SINH, TAN, TANH ● Date/Time Functions - DATE, DATEVALUE, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, MONTH, NOW, SECOND, TIME, TIMEVALUE, TODAY, WEEKDAY, WEEKNUM, YEAR ● Logical Functions - AND, FALSE, IF, IFERROR, NOT, OR, TRUE ● General Functions - COLUMN, COLUMNS, COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF, ERROR.TYPE, HLOOKUP, INDEX, ISBLANK, ISERR, ISERROR, ISEVEN, ISLOGICAL, ISNA, ISNONTEXT, ISNUMBER, ISODD, ISREF, ISTEXT, MATCH, N, NA, ROW, ROWS, T, TYPE, VLOOKUP ● Base Conversion Functions - BIN2DEC, BIN2HEX, BIN2OCT, DEC2BIN, DEC2HEX, DEC2OCT, HEX2BIN, HEX2DEC, HEX2OCT, OCT2BIN, OCT2DEC, OCT2HEX DISCLAIMER - - Microsoft® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. - This app is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Microsoft


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 12.68 MB


Price: 2,79 €

Developed by Sun Man

Day of release: 2013-03-16

Recommended age: 4+

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