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Version 2 is here with even more content and features! Over 150 Scratch blocks, over 25 Scratch tutorials, over 180 quiz questions and well over 15000 ...

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Version 2 is here with even more content and features! Over 150 Scratch blocks, over 25 Scratch tutorials, over 180 quiz questions and well over 15000 words of exclusive content. Plus Game Center achievements, the new v2.0 Scratch Cards and many more new features. We respond to all feedback and have added many features suggested by Scratch users since version 1! The Start Scratch App has been designed to make learning the Scratch programming language, developed by MIT, even easier. Start Scratch features information and examples for all the blocks from the newly released Scratch 2.0! --- App Features --- Tutorials: - Over 25 Scratch tutorials, with many more coming soon. [More added!] - Tutorial overviews with information on difficulty and length of time to complete. - Step-by-step guidance with images, so you can learn at your own pace. - A quick quiz question for each tutorial, so you can check your understanding. - Search all tutorials to find the tutorial you need quickly and easily. [Now with images!] - Completed example projects at Blocks: - Over 150 blocks are included, each with a description and image. [More added!] - Examples on how to use each block, complete with images showing an example script which uses the block. [New!] - See which blocks are used by sprites, the stage or both. [New!] - Information about all the Scratch 1.4 and Scratch 2.0 blocks. - A quick quiz question for each block, so you can check your understanding. - View blocks by category, and read about each category in detail. - Search all blocks to find the block you need quickly and easily. [Now with images!] - Learn about the different Scratch block shapes. [New!] Progress: - Track how many tutorial and block quizzes you have completed. [Now with percentages!] - Earn Game Center achievements for completing quizzes, and view them within the app. [New!] Scratch Online: - Add your Scratch username, to see your Scratch account and projects on the MIT Scratch website. - View all 12 v1.4 'Scratch Cards', created by MIT to demonstrate exciting Scratch features. - View all 14 v2.0 'Scratch Cards', created by MIT for help getting started with Scratch 2.0. [New!] - View the Scratch website without leaving the app. Parental Controls: - Use 'Child-Friendly Mode' to disable access to all external content, such as the in-app web browsers. We want to help keep children safe online. [New!] Everything Else: - Share the app using Facebook, Twitter, Email or a Text Message. - Shake any website within the app, to return it to its intended page. - Tap with two fingers on any website within the app, to share the current page by Facebook, Twitter, Email or Text Message. - Contact us directly, without leaving the app. - View our account on the Scratch website, without leaving the app. [New!] - Get more help and support from within the app. - Add your name in Settings for customised menus. - Full iPhone 5 and Retina display support. --- Regular Updates --- We are updating Start Scratch regularly, with loads of new content and features. Download the app now and get all future updates for free! --- Suggestions and Feedback --- If you would like to make a suggestion, or provide some feedback on how we can improve our app, we would love to hear from you! We respond to each and every suggestion we receive. Please email: Alternatively, please visit our website at: --- Please Note --- The Start Scratch App is not affiliated with the Scratch team at MIT. Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. The Scratch logo and the Scratch cat are trademarks of MIT. A big thank you to the team at MIT for doing such an amazing job with Scratch! This app does not let you create your own Scratch projects, so you will need access to the Scratch website to follow the tutorials. You can use Scratch for free at


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.0

Size: 16.19 MB


Price: 0,93 €

Developed by Seasoft Computing

Day of release: 2013-05-16

Recommended age: 4+

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