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Creativity Express - Start With Art! 2013 Awards: - Educational App Store (EAS) top 5-star certification - Tillywig 'Brain Child' Award - Accepted into ...

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Creativity Express - Start With Art! 2013 Awards: - Educational App Store (EAS) top 5-star certification - Tillywig 'Brain Child' Award - Accepted into the Google Play for Education Initiative Meets the National Standards for the Visual Arts. Recommended for ages 7-97 No in-app purchases No user ID or data tracking Features:  - Created by former Disney animators and professional educators: Four fun and engaging cross-curricular lessons designed to begin your child’s journey into the visual arts and design. Lead by our animated art guides - Tickles, Furnace, and Ruby - each lesson features quality animation and engaging characters, followed by hands-on activities to strengthen understanding of the ideas presented.  - 8 'Creativity Builders' art projects give children hands-on experience using knowledge from each lesson. Two projects per lesson, the topics range from creating your own language to creating model sculptures.  - A ‘Parents’ page detailed guide to each Creativity Builders project including objectives, vocabulary, materials and procedures.  - Idea Gizmo to jump-start your child’s imagination and creative thinking skills.  - Doodle Gizmo -A fun, easy-to-use drawing and painting program for your mobile device.  - Comprehensive Glossary of art terms and definitions Have your child Start With Art through these lessons: 1) Art as a Language: Art is a visual language, used universally for self-expression. Learn what it means to communicate through art and follow the notable work of Leonardo da Vinci. 2) Messages in Art: Artwork tells a story using emotions, feelings and pictures. Learn to ask questions when viewing art and discover the meaning of Michelangelo's illustrations on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. 3) Line: An important tool for artists, lines can convey direction, emotion and action. Edgar the mouse demonstrates how each of style of line can have a different meaning, and demonstrates how children can use this technique in their own artwork. 4) Shape and Form: Forms are often represented with shapes. Use your knowledge about lines to create shapes. Try to identify a form by looking at its silhouette in notable artwork.


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