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This Application is beneficial for students of statistics as well as for statistics teachers, lecturers, Professors and for Professionals.In this application, ...

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This Application is beneficial for students of statistics as well as for statistics teachers, lecturers, Professors and for Professionals.In this application, We have added all statistics formulas with notes and instructions.The user will select their desire formula and will just enter the values and then with in seconds he/she will find the result or solution of the formula. This application consist of three sections which are Beginner ,Intermediate and Expert level.Here is a little description of some formulas which we have use in this application. Beginner part consist the following Formula's. 1)Arithmetic Mean 2)Arithmetic Mean for group data 3)Geometric Mean 4)Geometric Mean for group data 5)Harmonic Mean 6)Harmonic Mean for group data 7)Arithmetic Median 8)Mode 9)Range 10)Standard Deviation 11)Variance •Weighted Aggregative price index number 12)Laspeyres price index 13)Paasche price index 14)Marshal-Edgeworth Price index 15)Fisher's Ideal index 16)Walsh index •Weighted Aggregative price index number 17)Laspeyres price index 18)Paasche price index 19)Palgrave index number Intermediate part consist the following Formula's:- 1)Single event probability 2)Multiple event probability 3)Permutation and Combination 4)Discreet Probability Distribution 5)Binomial Distribution 6)Negative Binomial Distribution 7)Hypergeometric Distribution 8)Cumulative Hypergeometric Distribution 9)Poission Distribution 10)Multinomial Distribution 11)Continuouse Probability Distribution 12)Uniform Distribution 13)Exponential Distribution 14)Gamma Distribution 15)Gamma Function 16)Beta Distribution 17)Beta Function 18)Standard Normal Distribution 19)PDF of Normal Distribution 20)Z-table. Expert part consist the following Formula's. Statistical Inference : Estimation 1)What is Estimation 2)Estimate and Estimator 3)Point Estimation 4)Normal population when α known 5)Non-normal population when α is known 6)Confidence Interval for difference of Means Hypothesis Testing 1) Null and Alternative Hypothesis 2)Simple and Composite Hypothesis 3)Test Statistics 4)Acceptence and Rejection region 5)Type-1 and Type-2 Error 6)The significance level 7)Z-test: Normal population when α is known 8)Z-test: Normal population when α is unknown *Survey Sampling *Probability Random sample 1)Simple random sample 2)Stratified random sample 3)Systemetic random sample 4)Clustor sample 5)Multistage sample 6)Multiphase sample 7)Sequential sample Non Probability random sample If you found any mistake or want any improvement then email us on or mentioned it in review.


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