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Statistics Visualizer for iPad (nicknamed StatViz) is a perfect, comprehensive statistical data analysis tool for professionals and researchers. This ...

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Statistics Visualizer for iPad (nicknamed StatViz) is a perfect, comprehensive statistical data analysis tool for professionals and researchers. This app provides you with dynamic graphs, statistic calculations with detailed explanations for the results and more. StatViz is also a great learning tool for introductory statistics courses. Some professors have been using StatViz to illustrate statistical concepts in their teaching: - Dr. Murtaza Haider, Ted Rogers School of Retail Management, Ryerson University - Dr. Anthony Charuvastra, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, New York University * For better user experience, please use this app in landscape mode of iPad. * To conduct statistical data analysis, some basic statistics knowledge is required, such as hypothesis, probability, p-value. If you are completely new to statistics, please read the notes carefully before conducting the data analysis. StatViz provides a comprehensive intro-stat notes to get you started. Also, StatViz provides a collection of examples, each of which is a real data analysis to help you understand each step of data analysis. For example, you can follow the sample data set to prepare your data for a particular test, learn how to conduct the test with different parameters, and gain insight in the dynamic graphs. And the app's Notes section gives you a detail explanation for the graph and result statistics. To learn the detail of this app, please check out our demo video at: The free version WITHOUT in-app purchase provides a full collection of probability distributions: * Binomial * Poisson * Geometric * Negative Binomial * Normal * Student's t * Chi-Square * Exponential * Snedecor's F WITH in-app purchase, the following topics are provided: - Histogram - Descriptive statistics - Quantiles - Box-and-whisker plot - One sample t-test - Two sample t-test - Matched-Pair t-test - Simple Linear Regression - Contingency table / Chi-Square test - One way ANOVA - Distribution If you're a statistics teacher, use it help your students learn the steps to conducting statistical data analysis. The visual presentation of dynamic graphs will add clarity and reinforcement to your lessons. If possible, email us to let us reference you. If you are a professional, this app is a great demonstrating tool to visualize your data on the road. It can read CSV files or TAB delimited TXT files. So you can prepare your data set in Excel and then import files to StatViz via: * WiFi * iTunes file sharing * Download with URL * Open in other apps that support Document Interchange, such as, Mail, MobileMe, Dropbox, etc After importing the data, the user-friendly interface allows you to conduct statistical data analysis easily. Just select the variables you are interested in and tap a topic, then you can get results immediately. You no longer need to pour over long, boring tables for calculation. StatViz takes care of that for you. And the app's interface, graphs and outputs are the same as most standard statistical software, like JMP and SPSS. And most importantly it uses the same calculation engine as R. So all the results and p-values are guaranteed accurate. The program output, graphics and report, can be emailed as PNG and text or copied to the clipboard. By the way, the app has been tested and run fast on iPad for over ten thousand observations. If your data is really large, that might be a problem. Other features: * VGA output to mirror app screen to projector * Edit/Save datasets in a simple spreadsheet editor * Well written notes for introductory statistics courses * Link points/bars in graph with data table * Interactive dynamic graphs * Automatically filter out missing values in analysis Think of StatViz as a portable data viewer. It's right there, on the go, ready to display the data to you anytime and anywhere. Please email us your feedback. We will answer your questions in 24 hours!


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Version: 3.5

Size: 3.42 MB


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Developed by Dan Solo LLC

Day of release: 2010-05-14

Recommended age: 4+

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