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** Now with a kanji writing trainer and native-speaker audio ** The #1 Japanese flashcard app. Reading, writing, listening - all you'll ever need to ...

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** Now with a kanji writing trainer and native-speaker audio ** The #1 Japanese flashcard app. Reading, writing, listening - all you'll ever need to make serious progress in your Japanese/JLPT studies. Lite version also available. ***** Reviews ***** "The only way I'd be more satisfied with this app is if it could just transmit the info directly into my brain." "There can be no question that this should be regarded as the number 1 kanji tool on the app store, bar none." "The kanji stroke animations alone are worth the price of the app" "Best app for building vocab. Period." "This app blew me away." "Most complete kanji and vocab [app] I've seen." "It’s obvious that a lot of thought and time went into the design of this app." "This is the best, I have wasted my money on the others ... love it love it love it" "If you're serious about Japanese, you need this app." "I cannot tell you how well designed this app is" "Awesomeness" ******************* Main Features: ◆ Writing Practice View 6500+ kanji stroke order animations and be guided on how to write each and every one of them with the built in trainer. When ready, test your skills in study mode. ◆ Audio Audio samples spoken by a native speaker (as opposed to "not quite right" synthesised audio) covering the complete N1-N5 vocabulary (around 8200 words). No extra downloads or internet connection required. ◆ Highly Detailed All kanji, radicals, elements, words, compounds, similar looking kanji and examples are "tapable" linking you to something new. Drill down infinite layers and save words along the way. ◆ Dictionary Search 700,000 entries (including names) in English, Japanese or SKIP. Examples, radicals, audio - more complete than most standalone dictionaries. Save entries and create new decks easily. ◆ RSS News Feed Read today's headlines in Japanese, auto-translated into English. ◆ Translate Copy/paste Japanese text and have it translated into furigana and English definitions ready for study. ◆ Decks Complete kanji and vocabulary required for the JLPT exams (N1 to N5), school grade kanji (grades 1 to 9) and joyo kanji. ◆ SRS Leitner Study Method + Calendar = Awesomeness Just set a future date and let the scheduler tell you when and what to study, everyday. ◆ Example Sentence Breakdown Includes a comprehensive example sentence database (with furigana) broken down into words which can, themselves, be searched or saved for later study. Summary: ◆ A beautiful, free scrolling "map" interface ◆ 6500+ kanji animations ◆ Kanji writing trainer built into every card ◆ Complete JLTP 1-5 vocabulary and kanji ◆ Human audio for N1-N5 vocabulary (8200 words) ◆ Full English-Japanese dictionary with SKIP ◆ Translate any text into furigana and English ◆ RSS Japanese news feed built in ◆ Details for 6355 kanji: radicals, elements, SKIP, dict codes, etc. ◆ All data is hyper-linked ◆ Detailed breakdown of example sentences ◆ Similar kanji display ◆ Adjustable SRS study algorithm ◆ Scheduler - set a future date and your daily study is calculated ◆ iCloud background syncing ◆ Filtering, sorting and searching ◆ Freely create your own decks ◆ In-app import (no need for iTunes) ◆ Extensive options ◆ Rolling progress chart ◆ Rock solid, loved and looked after by a kanji geek ◆ Full and detailed help with screenshots ◆ No ads, downloads, "review me" or in app purchases. Ever. ◆ Awesome support ◆ Universal app. iOS8+. iPad Pro ready. Twitter: @justininjapan Web + user guide: The SKIP system for ordering kanji was developed by Jack Halpern (, and is used with his permission. KanjiVG (animations) copyright Ulrich Apel. I'm Justin. I moved to Japan in 2002 and I'm married to my Japanese wife (lovingly called "Spellchecker"). I've taken the JLPT tests up to L1 (yes, I was there) using this app. I speak, read and write Japanese fluently and I'm an overactive developer who really should relax a little more.


Technical specifications

Version: 4.03

Size: 110.51 MB


Price: 8,39 €

Developed by Stickystudy

Day of release: 2010-08-17

Recommended age: 4+

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