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------ This is the Lite Version --------------- With this version you can download only historical prices two month older. If you want to have real and ...

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------ This is the Lite Version --------------- With this version you can download only historical prices two month older. If you want to have real and fresh signals you must download the Stock Selector (paid version). Stock Selector Lite allows you to check all the functionalities of the paid version. You can configure many trading systems according to your specific trading styles, run them and check how they would perform. ---------------------------------------- ---- What is it ? ------ StockSelector is the first application for a mobile phone able to download historical stock prices from Yahoo! Finance web site and to perform complex calculations on that data to generate accurate buy/sell signals. StockSelector transforms your iPhone in a powerful technical analysis tool where you can setup one or more trading systems to scan entire stock markets and to select stocks according to Technical Analysis indicators. StockSelector will help you to discover stocks that you ever knew and that offers a good opportunity for winning trades. A trading system can select stocks traded in one or more stock exchanges around the world in USA or in Europe. You can decide to scan all the stocks traded in stock exchange or create a short list to scan only few stocks. You can setup your trading systems using a combination of one or more technical indicators like SMA (Simple Moving Average), RSI (Relative Strength Index), FSO (Fast Stochastic Oscillator) For each trading system you will have an incremental list of signals with detailed information like the date, the stock symbol, the stock exchange where the stock is traded, buy/sell type and indicator info. --- How to use it ? ---- Using StockSelector, you are not alone, a detailed online help will assist you during all the trading system configuration steps. Every day, before the markets open, using StockSelector, you can download historical prices for the desired stock exchanges in order to provide your trading systems with fresh data (last 60 End of Day quotes). Once you downloaded historical prices, you can run your trading systems and check the new signals just generated. When you create a new trading system, StockSelector creates it using default parameters for each indicator. It’s up to you to activate only the indicators and the stock exchanges that you prefer. You can adopt a specific strategy in creating more trading systems: a trading system configured with indicators to generate signals for long term investiments, and an other to discover stocks for few days trading.


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Version: 1.2.2

Size: 1.7 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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