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Stocks Analysis-One Stop Solution

Stock Analysis is a one stop stock analysis solution that assists you making profit in the stock market. The application has bundle of useful functions ...

Discontinued App


Stock Analysis is a one stop stock analysis solution that assists you making profit in the stock market. The application has bundle of useful functions and is built on top on our market unique Screener Engine that allows investor or traders scan stock market for profit opportunities via both “FUNDAMENTALS” and “TECHNICAL SIGNAL” criteria. Enjoy it! ***WHY CHOOSE US?*** **One-Time Fee, Lifetime Service** 1.We provide lot of useful and market unique functions 2.Our server running 365x7x24 to generate valuable information for you 3.Our price are not expensive compare to the resources we input into the application 4.Many years stock picking experience let us believe that the key to succeed in volatility stock market is to find out the under value stock with strong “FUNDAMENTALS” and good “Technical Signal”. If you agree this, this is the app you are looking for. ***FEATURES*** **STOCK SCREENER** 1.COMBINE THE SCAN in thousands of different ways 2.SCAN STOCK “FUNDAMENTALS-Basic”: P/E, P/B, PEG, ROE, ROA, BETA, Profit Margin… 3.SCAN STOCK “FUNDAMENTALS-Long Term Performance”: Risk Control Level, Financial Health Level, Momentum, Stock Valuation, 4.SCAN STOCK “FUNDAMENTALS-Master Stock Picking Style Matching”: Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Anthony Bolton and William O’Neil Stock picking style matching. 5.SCAN STOCK “TECHNICAL-Indicators”: ADX,BOLL,CCI,MACD,MFI,ROC,RSI,SMA,STO,WILLR, OTHERS 6.SCAN STOCK “TECHNICAL-Chart Pattern”:16 different Chart Patterns **CHART PATTERN DETECTION** 1.Sometimes you don’t know how to choose criteria to search the “idea stock”. Unlike the way you input some criteria to search the stocks, we use our own complicate Artificial Intelligence engine to find out the “idea stock” with common chart pattern for you. **STOCK PICKING IDEAS** 1.We have our own stock rating from 1 to 10 for most of the US stock basic on our criteria. You can view TOP 50 rating list to get the stock picking ideas 2.There are 24 PREDEFINED TECHNICAL SCANS that are ready for you to view **NEWS** 1.We prepare several Stock News Feeds for you like “Yahoo News, Forbes, and CNN… 2.***We input lot of effort to develop a market unique webpage “READER” mode engine, so that you can more comfortable to read the stock news. It is quite similar with the “Reader” function in Safari. You won’t find any other app has this function in this sector. **MARKET** 1.MARKET SECTOR SUMMARY let you monitor the “REAL” stock market performance in 12 Stock Sectors rather than just view the “INDEX” 2.MARKET ADVANCE & DECLINE help you monitor the market pulse 3.WORLD INDEX help you monitor the world investment atmosphere 4.STOCK MOVERS volume leaders, price gainers, price losers in US,NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE **STOCK DETAIL** 1.Stock Chart 2.Stock Valuation Detail 3.Stock Key Statistics 4.Stock History Performance 5.Stock News for single company 6.We provide bundle of company related information for you so that you can analysis a company in 360 degree. Include: Company Profile, Competitors, Industry Performance, Components, Analyst Opinion, Analyst Estimates, Start Analysts, Major Holders, Insider Transactions, Insider Roster, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow **CHART TOOL** 1. Lots of setting **Portfolio Management** 1.Manage your own portfolio


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