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Success Affirm-A-Visionâ„¢

Affirm-A-Visionâ„¢ apps by i-Grasshopper use the most advanced technology and process to integrate everything you love about vision boards, meditation, ...

Discontinued App


Affirm-A-Vision™ apps by i-Grasshopper use the most advanced technology and process to integrate everything you love about vision boards, meditation, affirmations, visualization, self-hypnosis and brain entrainment technology, giving you the perfect Law of Attraction tool right in the palm of your hand. ______________________________________________ About This App: This Success Affirm-A-Vision™ reprograms your subconscious mind to work smarter, and to seek out wealth-building and wealth-creating opportunities; AND to act on those opportunities when you find them. Use this powerful Affirm-A-Vision™ and rapidly install the belief system that will have you applying the right actions, in the right order, at the right time. The result? You will become more successful in all of your business ventures. ______________________________________________ Features: Each Affirm-A-Vision™ blends a customized sequence of the following features: - Opening Meditation with John Assaraf from “The Secret” - Visual affirmations with inspiring messages - Audio affirmations with John Assaraf - Beautiful visual imagery and graphic art - Cutting edge brain wave entrainment technology and music ______________________________________________ About Affirm-A-Visions™: Today millions of people tap into the power of affirmations, visualization, meditation, self-hypnosis, and the latest brainwave frequency technology to improve the quality of their lives. What has been missing until now is a process that integrates these wonderful methods with the latest in brain entrainment research. That’s exactly what Affirm-A-Visions™ do -- they use an advanced process that combines of all of these modalities to reprogram your subconscious mind and activate the positive Law of Attraction. And it's so easy to use with your iPhone and ear buds! You'll be amazed at how quickly you begin to see tangible results... faster and easier than you ever thought possible. ______________________________________________ Recommendations: - Although AAVs can be used with or without headphones; using headphones will turbo-charge your experience because your subconscious mind will better hear the Brainwave Entrainment Technology. 

 - For best results use Affirm-A-Visions™ every morning before you start your day and every night before you go to bed. As you become more familiar with them… and begin to experience dramatic results… don't be surprised if you find yourself using them as "coffee/tea breaks" throughout your day. - People with a history of stroke, epilepsy or seizures are strongly advised not to “listen” to these Affirm-A-Visions™ with the music turned on. With our apps you can turn the Brainwave Entrainment music off and still hear the affirmations. - Due to the advanced nature of this technology, you must never drive or operate any dangerous machinery while listening to the AAV audio. ______________________________________________ More information available on the official i-Grasshopper website at: www.i-grasshopper.com


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Version: 1.5

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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