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✯Holidays Special - 70% OFF✯ Time to ditch that wooden, ugly suggestion box? Introducing iPad Suggestion Box Pro, from the developer of the award-winning ...

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✯Holidays Special - 70% OFF✯ Time to ditch that wooden, ugly suggestion box? Introducing iPad Suggestion Box Pro, from the developer of the award-winning One Tap Voice Memos app. Suddenly, this task becomes effortless. Transform your iPad into a suggestion box. Suggestions from employees, customers, peers, or even strangers on the street are guaranteed valuable. How do you encourage suggestions from people? With an intuitive, inviting user interface, a suggestion can be entered under a minute. No monthly fee, completely self-contained app. You don't need to be a Fortune 500 company to install a robust Employee or Customer Suggestion Management System (SMS). This app will save you thousands of dollars. ............... Key Benefits: âœâ€ Simple and intuitive suggestion entry, under a minute âœâ€ Quick selection of various categories for easy follow-up âœâ€ Users can type or doodle their suggestions âœâ€ Anonymous entry, email is an optional field âœâ€ Quick report summarizes daily activities, including timestamps âœâ€ Report can be printed, emailed, or saved to your desktop âœâ€ Report in both text and CSV formats, easy viewing and integration âœâ€ Password protected to ensure privacy and confidentiality âœâ€ Kiosk mode for 24/7 suggestion box, with screen saver and auto save features âœâ€ Customizable screen, thank you message âœâ€ Customizable information pop-up to provide any message (image or video) âœâ€ Customizable categories, suitable for any companies, schools, or individuals âœâ€ Run completely offline âœâ€ Can be utilized as lead generation kiosk âœâ€ Advanced database structure built-in, search suggestion content instantly âœâ€ Last but not least, letting people know that you care! The “Kiosk” mode allows the suggestion box to be placed at a public location. The intelligent anti-abuse architecture requires no attendant's presence. It will run non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Is a $499 Suggestion Box too expensive? Considering your benefits: 1) getting valuable suggestions is priceless, 2) efficient gathering, administration, and distribution of the suggestions, and 3) improving your image with self-running information pages. Unlimited usages. When was the last time you gave a presentation at a meeting and wished that you could receive instant feedback from your audience? You can cater the suggestion box to your presentation and request more specific feedback, instantly. Minimize the overhead of Q&A, online survey, and taking notes. ............... Common Usages: âœâ€ Employees: place the kiosk in corporate lobby, cafeteria, or pass around the iPad in business meetings âœâ€ Customers: place the kiosk near entrance, checkout area, or hand the iPad to customers after checkout âœâ€ Students: place the kiosk in the classroom, school administration building, or pass around during special gatherings âœâ€ Family Members: place the iPad in the kitchen, living room, or pass around during family meetings, anonymous and fun âœâ€ Random people: hand the iPad to random or targeted people at events, focus groups, or anyplace. Questions and Feedback? Email to We guarantee a response within 12 hours. If in the U.S. the response time will be within 2 business hours.


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Version: 1.2

Size: 5.97 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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