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Super Sales Presentations" with Patricia Fripp

This app contains a video recording of a live seminar that would normally cost HUNDREDS OF $$'s to attend! Presentation skills training is critical for ...

Discontinued App


This app contains a video recording of a live seminar that would normally cost HUNDREDS OF $$'s to attend! Presentation skills training is critical for anyone who sells face-to-face. Every day, salespeople with superior products and services lose business to their competitors because the sales presentation skills of their competitors are superior. Many salespeople have a fear of speaking to groups, often because they don't have the presentation skills training and public speaking skills they need to deliver their message in an effective and entertaining manner. Discover how you can gain an unfair advantage, as veteran speaker and speech coach Patricia Fripp gives you dozens of ideas for taking your sales presentation skills to the next level. You'll learn how to open, how to close, how to build credibility, how to use stories, how to handle adverse questions, how to be remembered, and several other valuable public speaking techniques that work. After viewing this presentation skills training program, you'll be more prepared, more persuasive, and more powerful in front of any size audience. DID YOU KNOW? - Your sales sheet or website is a sales person in print and many of the techniques to improve it are exactly the same - In a presentation, the first 30 seconds and the last 30 seconds have the most impact - To get the edge in your presentation you need to connect with your audience and one way is through eye contact All of these points and many more are explained in this fascinating program. - Video run time: 83 mins - Includes a quiz to test what you've learned ABOUT PATRICIA FRIPP Patricia Fripp has been a professional speaker for more than 30 years. She was the first female to become president of the 4,000 member National Speakers Association, and is recipient of the highly coveted speaking industry Hall of Fame Award. Meetings and Conventions magazine named her "One of the 10 most electrifying speakers in North America". Patricia Fripp conducts presentation skills training programs and keynote speeches for Fortune 500 companies, national associations, and private corporations. In addition, she teaches executive speaking skills to corporate leaders. Not bad, for a young woman who became a hairstylist at 15, and arrived in the US at age twenty with little money and no contacts. ADVANTAGES AND BENEFITS OF THE SEMINAR APP RANGE: - Save hundreds of $$'s compared to attending live seminars - View them when and where you want - Eliminate travel time and expenses - Easily repeat segments to reinforce points


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