Survelytics is a digital market research platform that allows for convenient, fun filled and real time feedback from the participants. Survelytics enables ...

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Survelytics is a digital market research platform that allows for convenient, fun filled and real time feedback from the participants. Survelytics enables enterprises to capture, aggregate and analyze quantitative and qualitative survey data anytime, anywhere . Survelytics is easy to use and can work in both online and offline mode. It provides users with a secure data collection mechanism on the cloud giving the ability to connect with respondants ‘in the moment’ and enabling them to give objective, real-time responses. Survelytics App works as a part of the Survelytics platform where user can create, deploy, conduct and analyze the survey results in near real-time. FEATURES -Take Surveys , anytime anywhere -Works in Online as well as Offline mode -Conduct multiple Surveys on your device (s) - you can have as many surveys as you like on your device(s). Just change to a different survey when you need to. -Upload Results – Survelytics can automatically upload results when your device has an internet connection. Alternatively, you can upload results manually at your convenience. -Capture GPS location while taking the survey. This is optional and can be controlled by user. -Shows the Survey Process while taking the survey -Intuitive user interface that shows how many surveys are to be uploaded, or completed. -Result Formats: results are available in various layouts using the standard Comma Separated Values (CSV) format or XLS format. -Media Files - Images are stored as jpeg , Audios as MP3 and Videos as MP4 formats. -Survelytics can be used for Product Evaluation , Traffic Surveys , Ad Pretest , Mobile Diary , Customer attitudes and expectation Surveys , Employee Engagement Surveys , Opinion Surveys , Training Surveys ,Event Feedback , Brand Equity Surveys and many more. .. Question Types Supported: 1.Standard Questions a. Numeric Single b. Numeric Multiple c. Text Single Line d. Text Multiple Lines e. Information Page f. Multiple Choice ( Single / Grid ) g. Single Choice ( Single / Grid ) h. Date/Time 2.Media Questions a. Play Video b. Play Audio c. Display Image d. Capture an image e. Capture audio f. Capture video HOW DOES IT WORK ? It's simple and easy. 1. Download the Survelytics app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. 2. Either watch the Demo Surveys already installed on the App or Register for an account on the Survelytics website. 3. Create your surveys using our intuitive survey editing tools on the Survelytics website. 4. Publish and login onto your device to see the same surveys. 5. Take the Surveys and upload your results to the Survelytics website. 6. Download the survey results from your Survelytics account to your computer for analysis.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.72

Size: 3.68 MB


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Developed by Eki Communications

Day of release: 2013-05-6

Recommended age: 4+

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