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I highly recommend all users read the User Guide found in the Help/Info tab to see how to fully use all the features presented in the app. This application ...

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I highly recommend all users read the User Guide found in the Help/Info tab to see how to fully use all the features presented in the app. This application is an all-in-one application for survey givers/creators/analysts. Whether you are on an election trail, want to collect information/feedback regarding a new product, or something more, this application gives you the tools you will need. Find location-based results, view comments, and upload/download your survey templates/data via Dropbox. It is the survey process in a purely digitized fashion. Say goodbye to the pen and paper. Features of the application: * Create Your Surveys * - Add/delete any of the following to your template: questions, choices, comments, personal choice fields, a zipcode field (for locational purposes), and name fields - Several question types available: single-choice, multi-choice, randomized (reorders the choices each time the survey is given for questions such as those pertaining to new product names), ranked (allowing the taker to rearrange the choices into their preferred order and assigns point values to them) and ratings (like the star rating used in the Apple App Store) - Uses GPS or zip codes to allow for location-based results - Secure your survey template with a passcode to prevent future change unless the code is input * In-App Analysis * - View all your results right from within the application via graphical representations and complex data analysis algorithms - View results as a bar graph or pie chart. Tap the bar or pie slice to see detailed results - Location-based so you can analyze sections of your results and pick up on localized trends - View where each survey was taken (or where the taker originated via their zip code) on a map. Tap the map pin to see the individual survey results - View the comments left for each question or comments on the survey as a whole. Tap on one to see the results for that given survey while still maintaining the anonymity of the taker * Syncing and Out-Of-App Analysis * - The application incorporates Dropbox so you can: - Upload your templates for employees, associates, etc. to download and hand out - Upload and download results to have the full results for your survey, even if it is taken across the country - If you want more from your graphical results, the data can be exported in a format readable by spreadsheet programs such as Numbers, Excel, etc., so you can modify the graphs to better suit your presentation


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Version: 3.2.2

Size: 3.9 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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