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Survey On The Spot

SURVEY ON THE SPOT FOR BUSINESSES: FREE 30 DAY TRIAL for your business! (The app is free for consumers) Your customer's opinion matters! SURVEY ON THE ...

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SURVEY ON THE SPOT FOR BUSINESSES: FREE 30 DAY TRIAL for your business! (The app is free for consumers) Your customer's opinion matters! SURVEY ON THE SPOT enables you to solicit feedback from your customers through your own customized and branded iPhone survey and iPad survey. It allows you to capture feedback when it matters most...in the moment - ON THE SPOT. You can also choose to offer consumers a reward when they submit your survey. FREE 30 DAY TRIAL of the SURVEY ON THE SPOT service! (The app is free for consumers to download). You will be able to create a survey that will be live on iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) in less than 5 minutes! Next, ask your customers to take the survey. Log into your account and see results in the SURVEY ON THE SPOT dashboard at www.surveyonthespot.com Learn more about the free trial for your business at http://www.surveyonthespot.com/plans/choose-plan/ Specific benefits of SURVEY ON THE SPOT include: - Feedback is given where it is most effective, on-site. - Response rates can be improved through proactive solicitation - no receipts to save. - Rewards can be delivered via coupons on the phone that can be be instantly redeemed if desired. - GPS searches for and validates your location - Surveys are completely customizable and can feature your brand's graphics and logo design - Service issues can generate automatic email and text alerts to management. - Automated reporting collects data instantly and provides graphic reports and exportable XLS files - SURVEY ON THE SPOT also supports mobile web and web access to complete surveys Visit our web site to find out more about how you can build guest satisfaction through on-site insights. Please contact sales@surveyonthespot.com to learn more and discuss a no-cost trial. Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. SURVEY ON THE SPOT FOR CONSUMERS: Businesses want your feedback, and with SURVEY ON THE SPOT you can provide feedback by completing customer satisfaction surveys right on your iPhone, iPad or touch. Please help us improve survey participation by using SURVEY ON THE SPOT for retailers that you find around you. Simply press 'Find Surveys Around Me'. You can then complete surveys for many of the most popular restaurants and retailers in the U.S. A variety of features makes it easy and fun for consumers to use: -Surveys: Consumers can take surveys and provide feedback to businesses they use. Find participating businesses by pressing Find Surveys Around Me or entering the first few letters of the business name in the search box. - Alert!: Pressing the Alert tab starts a green and blue flashing Thumbs-Up strobe to get the attention of service personnel. Flip the iPhone and it changes to a red and gold flashing Thumbs-Down! - General Interest Surveys: Displays a choice of surveys in several categories, including news and sports. - My Wallet: If a reward coupon is displayed, you may be able to redeem it immediately, or save it in your wallet for future use. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE "MY WALLET" BUTTON WILL NOT APPEAR UNTIL YOU HAVE EARNED A REWARD. - Tell A Friend: Simply enter your Twitter and/or Facebook login and password one time, and then send a Tweet or post to a wall right from SURVEY ON THE SPOT! Thank you for your support. If you have any problems please contact us directly at support@surveyonthespot.com Keywords: iPhone Survey App iPad Survey App iPod touch Survey App iPad Market Research App iPhone polling app iPad polling app Mobile Survey App Smartphone Survey App CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUEST SATISFACTION RESTAURANT SURVEY Real time customer feedback Use at trade shows and conventions TSA Survey


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