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Have you ever needed to gather data via a survey, questionnaire, form, checklist or poll while away from your desk, and been annoyed by the amount of ...

Discontinued App


Have you ever needed to gather data via a survey, questionnaire, form, checklist or poll while away from your desk, and been annoyed by the amount of paperwork? SurveyDeck is the iPhone and iPod Touch’s only survey app that syncs with a FREE survey creation and analysis application. SurveyDeck uses SurveyGizmo’s easy to use survey creator and powerful analysis functionality. All you need is a free or subscription account with SurveyGizmo, and the world of mobile electronic surveying a possibility. SurveyDeck is an easy to use substitute for paper-based surveys, questionnaires, checklists, forms and polls. The convenience of creating your surveys online, filling them in while away from the office and analysing the results using powerful, computer based tools is SurveyDeck’s raison d’être. FEATURES SurveyDeck has powerful and useful features that allow you to gather data effectively and efficiently in the field: - Offline completion of surveys - an internet connection is not required! - Multiple surveys in your pocket, each storing multiple responses - Syncing of surveys and answers with SurveyGizmo at your convenience - Context sensitive help - Multiple SurveyDeck users can share the same survey designs, all submitting to the same SurveyGizmo account - Support for nine different question types: Text box, Multiple Text Boxes, Essay Answer, Radio Buttons (with optional ‘other’ fields), Checkboxes (with optional ‘other’ fields), Drop-Down Menus (with optional pre-filled options), Rating Scale/Likert Scale, Ranking and Continuous Sum - Index of questions, so you can skip to a specific question - Automatic saving of answers in case of incoming calls, battery failure etc. - Ability to undo, cut, copy and paste answers Note that while SurveyDeck supports the above features which provides very useful functionality, it currently does NOT support any other SurveyGizmo functionality, such as Advanced Options, Logic, Piping, Skipping, Required Questions or HTML formatting of the question text. EXAMPLE USES Our customers can use SurveyDeck in the following ways: - Market research in public areas, such as customer feedback in shopping malls - Quality inspection surveys - Customer satisfaction feedback when checking out of a hotel, using an iPod Touch - Health and safety checklists - Classroom tests - one school is trialling this - Student projects - In-the-street polls - Patient medical background collection - Job interviews - Traffic observation - Scientific data collection in the field - Feedback on classroom courses See www.surveydeck.com for more information!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2.1

Size: 1.6 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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