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Survival Chinese for English Speakers

Survival Chinese for English Speakers App You need this Chinese phrasebook app so you can survive and enjoy your trip to Mandarin Chinese speaking countries. ...

Discontinued App


Survival Chinese for English Speakers App You need this Chinese phrasebook app so you can survive and enjoy your trip to Mandarin Chinese speaking countries. 1,500 entries, crisp clear sounds for every Chinese word. Works without an Internet connection and without any data charges. Make the Chinese and English text as big as you want. Save important phrases in your Favorites list, or search for the phrase you need immediately. == Low-Cost App Yet High Quality And Easy to Use An economical price yet has all the content and features you need to communicate your needs in the Mandarin Chinese language. Simple layout and functionality makes this app user-friendly even for the most technically challenged travelers. == Avoid Uncomfortable Or Embarrassing Situations On Your Trip Over 1,500 practical and useful phrases for common situations. * Does anybody here speak English? * Please don’t put in MSG. * Do you have a menu in English? * Where is the toilet? * Can you lower the price? * I like you very much. And many more! == Learn The Phrases Or Play The Chinese Audio Recording The Pinyin shows you how the Chinese words are pronounced so you can learn the phrases and don’t have to be able to read the Chinese characters. Or show the phrase in Chinese or even easier, play the audio Mandarin Chinese voice to get what you need from the clerk, waitress or taxi driver. == Immediate Access To Important Phrases Build your list of must-have phrases with the Favorites Feature so you are prepared for your shopping, dinning or sightseeing experience. Remove and replace Favorites, as you need them. == Find The Phrase You Need Quickly Using the Search Function, type in a word and the Survival Chinese app shows you all the phrases containing that word. == Select Traditional or Simplified Chinese Characters You can change between Traditional and Simplified Chinese Characters in the display. == Increase Text Size No more looking for your reading glasses, increase the text size for the English and Chinese characters to the size you need. == Simple To Use, Yet Comprehensive Easy, intuitive navigation makes finding what you need simple and fast. The main Index contains 24 categories and each category can contain up to 268 entries, which are only one click away. == No Connection Required And No Data Charges Works even when you're in a taxi or a countryside street market and not connected to the Internet: all entries and sounds are stored right on your device, and you will incur no data charges when you use the app. == Each Phrase Shown Three Ways Every phrase is presented three ways: the Chinese character, Pinyin and a definition in English. In addition, a native Chinese speaker says the word, or phrase so you can hear the actual, correct pronunciation. == More Information On Our Support Page Our Paiboon Publishing website Support Page contains an explanation of how the app works and a guide to the use of Pinyin. == Buy It Now!

 Don't plan your trip to countries where Mandarin Chinese is spoken without this indispensable tool!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 71.09 MB


Price: 4,46 €

Developed by Paiboon Publishing, Inc.

Day of release: 2013-05-29

Recommended age: 12+

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