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TELES MobileControl enables service providers to extend their existing business trunking and IP centrex offerings by adding mobility to attract new customers, ...

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TELES MobileControl enables service providers to extend their existing business trunking and IP centrex offerings by adding mobility to attract new customers, profit more from existing clients or move mobile minutes to their network. Mobile communication is becoming more and more critical in business so enterprises are asking for • seamless single-point communications • no expensive hardware procurement or implementations • real cuts in operational costs TELES MobileControl combines all of this while keeping services as simple as possible, thus avoiding the need for extensive user training. The application is designed to be robust, easy to support and for real life deployments. ***************************************************************** Note: TELES MobileControl works in conjunction with a valid user account only. Please contact your service provider for details. ***************************************************************** Highlights: • Enables One Number Services + Callers can dial one number to reach you + Increases communication efficiency and productivity • Supports Call Back/Callthrough/VoIP Service + Callback to mobile phone, office phone or custom phone number + Calltrough via IP and GSM (additional license) + VoIP Softphone (additional license) + No need to show your mobile number + Optimizes call charges + Deflect call: transfer incoming call to voice mail or reject with message • GSM Transfer (additional license) + transfer a GSM call to another party • Handover (additional license) + Move a call on your business phone to your mobile phone by pressing the "Get call from office phone" button. + Handover a WiFI call to GSM and vice versa + Convenient handover • Unified Address Book + Automatically streams the C5 phonebook to the mobile phone + No need to sync company contacts + Adds additional information (e.g. job position, department,…) + Click2Dial enabled • Presence (additional license) + Show Rich Presence + Show Line status (Talking/Free) • Call log Never miss a call again. Access to your PBX call log for incoming/outgoing/missed calls. • Call recording + Record calls and synchronize recording list with server + Listen to any recorded calls • Feature Control Panel + Configure your reachability according to your needs + via GSM network only connectivity (additional license) • Visual UMS box (additional license) + Voicemail/Faxmail • Extension dialing Supported with data connectivity even in GSM network only, using Callback, Callthrough and Direct Call modus. • Always access your phone books Access all your C5 server-side business contacts even there is no data connectivity after one time synchronization over IP network. • Contact picture Shows uploaded picture for a contact in the phone book • Do Not Disturb Activate your DND (subscriber mode) • Favorites Add contacts to your favorite list • Send SMS Directly send SMS from contact details • Supported OS iOS 7 and higher


Technical specifications

Version: 4.9.12

Size: 14.33 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by TELES AG Informationstechnologien

Day of release: 2011-05-18

Recommended age: 4+

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