Is your mind the weakest club in your bag? Game Your Brain with THINQ Golf. THINQ Golf is committed to improving a golfer's performance by accelerating ...

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Is your mind the weakest club in your bag? Game Your Brain with THINQ Golf. THINQ Golf is committed to improving a golfer's performance by accelerating the development of the mental game through scientifically based brain games and education. PGA/LPGA professionals, neuroscientists, sports psychologists and researchers have teamed up to deliver an app-based training suite. THINQ Golf’s games have been carefully designed to improve necessary cognitive skills such as awareness, attention, synchronicity, intention, and adaptability. EEG brain-scan research has verified the positive impact THINQ Golf games have on the brain, and the improvement on golfers’ scorecards has been dramatic. Are you ready to Game Your Brain?™ Membership Includes : 5 Cognitive Games - Attention, Intention, Awareness, Adaptability, Synchronicity Online Mental Game Workbook Competition mode / Prizes Monthly Webinar's Vision Board / Journal Ask The THINQ Team Questions Game titles: AWARENESS – When athletes are “in the zone,” they experience a state of heightened Awareness. Increased target Awareness improves performance, regardless of golfing ability. Practice your skills of focus, observation, and recall in a golf course setting. ATTENTION involves where and how we choose to focus our thoughts. It is the final influence before and during the swing motion. Practice your Attention by locating matching golf balls despite numerous distractions. SYNCHRONICITY – The mind, body, club, ball, and target need to be in optimal coordination. The Synchronicity game teaches consistency of timing and routine, eliminating uncertainty and producing peak performance. Practice maintaining a steady rhythm while visual and auditory clues are gradually withdrawn. INTENTION – The mind must give clear instructions to the body, and these must be followed through. The body will work to produce the desired outcome when both the conscious and subconscious agree on the intent. Practice choosing a risk level and sticking with your plan, despite temptations to deviate. Play modes: DAILY TRAINING – Proper THINQ training involves 60 minutes per week. Divide this up however you like, but earn bonuses for practicing every day! FREESTYLE – Play at your pace, working on the mental skills that you want to perfect. ADDRESS WEAKNESS – Our prescriptive system identifies your greatest areas of mental weakness, and rewards you for strengthening them. Track your progress: Q Scores measure level of perfection at individual games Q Handicap measures the overall strength of your mental game Leaderboards allow you to compare yourself to other golfers The THINQ Golf app is free to download, and all players can access limited content by starting a Free Membership. Paid members get full access to all the games and content listed above. Membership Options: - Premium+ Monthly Membership is $7.99 - Premium+ Annual Membership is $79..99 Your membership will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account within 24 hours prior to the end of your membership period. No cancellation of the current membership is allowed during active membership period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Please contact us at if you have any feedback, suggestions, or issues. Your feedback is important to us. Privacy policy: Membership terms: Visit us at: Web – Facebook – THINQ Golf Twitter - @ThinQGolf


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