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== Official APP for TIGIS & BuildInG Taiwan 2012 ==
TIGIS & BuildInG Taiwan are two of the largest and most important events on green solutions, ...

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== Official APP for TIGIS & BuildInG Taiwan 2012 ==
TIGIS & BuildInG Taiwan are two of the largest and most important events on green solutions, smart green building, total solutions, smart ICT systems, internet of things, and urban planning in Taiwan. Both of them are regarded as the best platform of product promotion, information exchange, matchmaking and networking with industry professionals. Join the shows that aim to bridge smart sustainable ways to constructs and cities with the best eco-friendly technologies, materials and technologies. By downloading the official released APP with all detailed information about the shows, you can catch the latest exhibition events just in time! Main features include: 1. Events: Provide Daily events held by organizer 2. News: View latest News about the show 3. About the show: Dates & hours、venues、exhibit area and relevant information 4. Products: Use Keywords and Product Category to search detailed product information 5. Floor plan-Detailed booth and exhibitor information 6. Exhibitors: Search exhibitors by keywords or exhibitor area. Click “Floor Plan” icon to see show map 7. Meet Taiwan Card 8. Forum information 9. Theme Pavilions And more information about the show!! == 2012 台灣綠色ç•業 & 智慧綠色城市展官方版APP == 「台灣國際綠色ç•業展 TIGIS」及「台灣國際智慧綠色城市展 BuildInG Taiwan」為台灣最重要之綠能國際專業展,兩展覽整合綠能ç•業上中下游,主打能源、環保、水科技、智慧/綠色建築、整é«â€æ€§è§£æ±ºæ–¹æ¡ˆÃ£€Ã§‰©è¯Ã§¶²åŠåŸŽå¸‚規劃等主題,同期並辦理專業國際性論壇及活動,打造綠能整é«â€æ€§è§£æ±ºæ–¹æ¡ˆæŠ€è¡“及資訊之最佳平台! 免費下載官方版APP可讓你即時搜尋ç•品及廠商,並可隨時隨地獲得最新展覽活動及展覽資訊,絕對不能錯過!!
1. 活動:精采çš„大會活動訊息及活動地點,可連結至æ․位圖,並可將活動æ‶藏至我çš„最愛 2. 新聞:展覽最新消息及最新ç•業訊息隨時看,完全掌握展覽最新資訊 3. 展覽簡介:展覽之詳細介紹,包括:展覽時間、地點主辦單位資訊…ç­‰ 4. ç•品:ç•品分類或關鍵字搜尋廠商資料,並可連結至æ․位圖 5. 平面圖:互動式展場平面圖,點廠商æ․位可觀看廠商詳細資訊 6. 廠商:利ç
關鍵字或展區搜尋廠商資料,並可查看æ․位圖位ç½® 7. 台灣會展卡 8. 論壇資訊 9. 大會主題館 更多資訊,請立即下載官方版APP,獲取最新資訊!!


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