Discontinued App


A two option application: Basic (Free) or Premium (TOR Mufti-feature Server) Basic iPad TOR Basic iPad TOR is a fully functional iPad application with ...

Discontinued App


A two option application: Basic (Free) or Premium (TOR Mufti-feature Server) Basic iPad TOR Basic iPad TOR is a fully functional iPad application with no limitations. * Quick installation requirements: - User creates a Username and Passcode. - User adds roster of school teacher names. - User specifies their U.S. State, iPad TOR synchronizes with TOR server to provide user their states specific Professional Teaching Standards. * Features: Record, Save, Recall - RECORD: iPad TOR provides school administrators evaluation tools according to the design of their states Professional Teaching Standards. Evaluation Tool options are as follows: 1. Checklist Evaluation Tool 2. Scale Score Evaluation Tool 3. Proficiency Rubric Evaluation Tool 4. Likert Evaluation Tool A school administrator simply creates a new report and the iPad TOR systematically provides the professional teaching standards to guide the administrator through a standards based observation. - SAVE: Observation Reports are saved locally to the ipad TOR. There is no limit to the number of observations a school administrator can conduct. - RECALL: To recall a report, a school administrator simply selects the teacher and the evaluation tool. Ipad TOR provides a list of dated observations based on the teacher and evaluation tool query. The school administrator selects a report from the list of observations, and the iPad TOR recalls the specified observation report. Outcomes: 1. Standards Based Observation Reports 2. Electronically managed Observations 3. Standards Based feedback to guide Teacher Reflection & Conferences 4. Standardized data to determine an accurate Final Evaluations Score Premium iPad TOR Provides all features in the Basic version of iPad TOR. However, Premium iPad TOR sends all reports to the TOR Server providing a user the following features: 1. Printable and Download enabled PDF reports 2. Pie Charts and Bar Graphs of iPad TOR reports 3. Ability to query reports by teacher, grade level or school Additional TOR Server Features Include: 1. TOR Server user access to 1) District representatives 2) School Administrators and 3) Teachers 2. Planning tools that include 1) Smart Goal development 2) E-Lesson Book Planning 3) Observation Plan Recording and 4) Instructional Task Assignment 3. School Administrator to Teacher Communication Tools 4. Video and PDF enabled Professional Development Tools


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 4.81 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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