Discontinued App


Do you track all your 8 a Day activities, all your bottles, all your magazines, all your prospects, all your PC's, all your BP's, all your needed follow-ups, ...

Discontinued App


Do you track all your 8 a Day activities, all your bottles, all your magazines, all your prospects, all your PC's, all your BP's, all your needed follow-ups, all your scheduled parties, all your customer contacts, all the critical things that a contact says on any given call, and about a 100 other things for your business? TRACKme Pro does! "Never lose a Prospect, never lose a Product, Greater Accountability, Greater Success!!" Take control of your time, your success, your business AND enjoy all the features and benefits for a ONE TIME FEE of 24.99 (Completely tax deductible and less than one dinner out!). And now you can even earn FREE Marketing Materials with our New Referral Reward Program! TRACKme was first designed as a simple solution to a complex business. Our company was contacted by a Nerium Brand Partner just getting started in the business that wanted a better way to track NeriumAD bottles. As the app was created however, the idea grew immensely. We discovered, in order to be more successful, more quickly, that a way to track all aspects of your Nerium business would be a great way to get you there! So without further ado, we thrilled to announce to all you Independent Brand Partners out there that life just got a whole lost easier! With one simple app you can now: â–ºTRACK anything essential to your business, all bottles coming and going, the cost associated with each, your magazines, marketing materials, and other giveaway items etc. TRACKme will show you all items in & out, who they are checked out to, when they are due back, when you are due to follow-up, and even map them for you! â–ºTRACK all potential prospects and customers. Import potential prospects/customers directly from your phone's address book or add contacts as you go. One simple step that will make those initial contacts easier and more likely! â–ºTRACK all business activities with automatic and custom in-app reminders. Automatic reminders are set to trigger when a contact is added and when any inventory item is assigned. â–ºTRACK all prospect/inventory related activites and ensure you never miss a follow-up! The built in calendar and alerts will keep you organized and on track for making your business successful. Based on the information in the system you will have daily tasks, daily alerts for past due items, push notifications, and a built in history associated with every contact for all actives associated with them. â–ºSince TRACKme's goal is to make your life easier by having all your daily actives in one place, we also added an activity log to TRACK all your 8 a day activities! No more pencil and paper, no more perfect memory, your daily actives are tracked and tallied right in the app so you can meet your goals and easily report your points! â–ºTRACK costs associated with inventory items and eliminate the worry of year end numbers, by tracking each inventory item, where it came from, where it went, shipping costs in/out, how many times it was checked out and to whom, and best of all you can export all the data in a CSV file to ensure you maximize those year end business expenses! We hope TRACKme can add success to your business and peace to your life. We strive for complete customer satisfaction on all our products, so if you encounter ANY issues or have suggestions for a needed improvement, please contact us and we will address your concern right away! We will be preforming regular updates in order to continue to enhance TRACKme's benefits & features. Our Mission: Improve your life so that you can continue changing the lives of others ~ We wish you great success! *Note that TABTech Design is in no way associated with Nerium International (Not at a Corporate level, as Brand Partners, or as Preferred customers). We are an independent company that developed this app to specifically cater to the needs of Nerium Independent Brand Partners and their teams, to help in their day to day activities and their business's overall success.


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Version: 1.02

Size: 7.55 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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