if you like to use offline dictionaries: Slovoed, Lingvo or LDOCE+ and want to get translate of the word directly from reader - this TReader app for you! TReader ...

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if you like to use offline dictionaries: Slovoed, Lingvo or LDOCE+ and want to get translate of the word directly from reader - this TReader app for you! TReader - it is reader, created especially for those who often works with a book and offline dictionary at the same time (or read books in the original), and is designed to make the job easier, thanks to the support of popular offline dictionary (list of supported dictionaries below.) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Attention! TReader does not contain a built-in dictionaries - it interacts only with dictionaries already installed on your device! (Like Slovoed, Lingvo and others, see list below) Supporting only standalone Slovoed apps, in-app purchase dictionaries are not supporting!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Now you can forget about copying the words, manually switching between applications, search for translation. For getting translate just long tap on a word, then push "Translate" in pop-up menu - translation of the word will appear in dictionary which you set by default in settings. All dictionaries expect Lingvo supporting switch from TReader to dictionary and back, Lingvo supporting only switch from TReader to dictionary **************************************************************************** Next offline dictionaries are supporting for now: - Lingvo - Slovoed Deluxe - Pons - Merriam Webster - LDOCE+ (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English) **************************************************************************** So if you've always wanted to read books in original, and learn more new foreign words simultaneously - this reader for you. Also you can always set default dictionary in the settings in any time. TReader is minimalistic, but at the same time it has everything you need to adjust the reader for yourself. You can choose a vertical scrolling, or horizontal paging, set full screen mode, change the color of text and background, adjust the brightness, change the font family and font size, switch "day / night" mode. Enjoy your read & translate!:) Features: - Integrated with Lingvo, Slovoed, LDOCE+, PONS, Merriam-Webster - Easy navigation inside the book - Change font size and font family - Change background and font color - Day/night mode - Upload books by browser, itunes, email - Sort books by: author, title, date - Very simple interface - Vertical scroll and horizontal paging - Full screen mode - Choose default dictionary ____________________________________________________ Tuturial "How to upload books" you can get here Video how it works ____________________________________________________ TReader joined the Open Dictionary API Alliance (ODAA), an open community of dictionary publishers and mobile developers, aiming to create new possibilities for millions of people using electronic dictionaries on their devices all over the world. Join us at and enjoy the opportunity to enrich your apps with a high quality, authoritative and trusted reference content.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.4

Size: 17.67 MB


Price: 1,79 €

Developed by Dmitriy Kluev

Day of release: 2013-02-6

Recommended age: 4+

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