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TTerm Pro is an enterprise grade terminal emulator designed for host connectivity between your iPad and a wide range of host systems. The Pro version ...

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TTerm Pro is an enterprise grade terminal emulator designed for host connectivity between your iPad and a wide range of host systems. The Pro version of TTerm provides the maximum terminal coverage by supporting all terminal types covered in the TTerm range of Apps. Offering a variety of features and tools designed to enhance terminal emulation on your device TTerm Pro features comprehensive terminal keyboard and language support, custom hotspots for touch interaction, multi-session capability, bluetooth keyboard support and more. TTerm Pro is designed to get the basic user up and connected with a minimum of fuss whilst allowing seasoned, technically advanced users to create in-depth configurations as required. Based on Turbosoft's popular TTWin terminal emulator for Windows, TTerm Pro builds on a heritage of accurate, reliable and robust terminal emulation proven over many years of extensive real world usage and development. Terminals supported: -ANSI X3.64, ANSIEA, Linux Console -ADDS 2020, ADDS Viewpoint -AWA ADM11/R/W/P/H & LSI -Bull VIP 7800 -Data General 210/211/216/216E/460-462/470 (Character Mode) -DEC VT 52/100/101/102, DEC VT220, DEC VT320, DEC VT420 -Fujitsu 6681 -Hewlett Packard 2392A, Hewlett Packard 700/92 -IBM 3101, IBM 3151, IBM 3164 color -IBM 5250 -IBM 3270 -ICL 7561, ICL VT220+ -Liberty Freedom One -McDonnell Douglas P8/P9/P12, ANSI and Micro Fusion 40 -Prime PT25, Prime PT250s -SCO ANSI Color Console -Siemens Nixdorf 97801 -Stratus V102, Stratus V103, Stratus V105 -Tandem (HP NonStop) 653x -Televideo 950, Televideo 955 -Unisys T27 -Unix ANSI (Bell, AT&T, interactive) -Wang 2110 -Wyse 50+, Wyse 60, Wyse 350 Features: -Secure SSH, support for importing RSA SSH keys -Telnet -Telnet via SSH Tunnel -Telnet via SSL2/SSL3/TLS -Hewlett Packard Network Services/Virtual Terminal -Single sign on and Express Logon Feature (ELF) for IBM 3270 -Multiple simultaneous host connections -Dynamic Hotspot support, creates touch elements on your terminal display -Support for Apple Wireless Keyboards. -Support for custom keyboard mapping. (bluetooth keyboard keys to emulation keys) -Custom on screen keyboards for each terminal type -Compact or expanded keyboards display including transparent overlay option -Access levels offer restricted and kiosk modes to lock down the app, protecting login details and restricting access. -Import/Export single connections between devices or for administrators looking to mass configure and deploy, single tap to share Access Level settings and multiple connection configurations. -Terminal select/copy/paste -Scroll history For pre-purchase enquiries or information about customized versions through the App Store please contact For support, feedback and feature requests please contact


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4.0

Size: 17.14 MB


Price: 23,36 €

Developed by Turbosoft Pty Ltd

Day of release: 2013-06-3

Recommended age: 4+

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