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TVM Loan/Savings Calculator

Time Value of Money Loan/Savings Calculator is a great tool to calculate loan and savings information. You can use it to calculate the payment of a loan. ...

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Time Value of Money Loan/Savings Calculator is a great tool to calculate loan and savings information. You can use it to calculate the payment of a loan. You can also use it to calculate the amount in savings after a specified number of deposits. It can tell you how much faster a loan will be paid off if you add just a little bit more to each payment. The app works by the user entering all the known variables and tapping the solve button next to the value you are interested in. The screenshots show the functionality of the app. The first screenshot shows a 30 year loan at 5% interest. The present value is 100,000. What is the payment if you want it to be payed off at the end of the 30 years? You enter 360 for the number of payments because 12 months x 30 years = 360 payments. Enter the other values and tap solve next to the payment. The app calculates your payment to be 536.82. The value is negative because it is reducing the present value over time. The next screenshot shows you how to calculate how much faster the loan will be payed off if you add a little more to each payment. If an extra 100 is added to the previous example the app calculates that the loan will be paid off in 256 payments. That is a difference of 104 months or 8 years and 8 months. Thus you have changed a 30 year loan into a 21 year 4 month loan just by adding 100 to each payment. The next screenshot takes the same loan and demonstrates how getting a better interest rate can lower your monthly payments. The next screenshot shows how much you would save if you deposited 1000 monthly into an account that earned 5% over 30 years. Again enter 360 for the number of payments. Present value is 0 because we are starting with nothing in the account. The deposit is positive because we are adding to the present value. Click the solve button next to the future value. The app calculates that you will have accumulated 832,258.64 after those 30 years. That is not too bad in savings. You can change the interest to 6% and hit the solve again to see how the interest rate affects the future value. You can also change the present value to whatever you have saved right now and see what impact that has on the future value. The last screenshot shows the help tab explaining each value of the calculator. This app is very similar to the TVM on the TI-83 but with a few improvements. It is a very handy tool when buying a house or anything you are financing. It is also a vary handy tool when calculating a savings plan. Thanks for downloading this app.


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