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** Top 100 charts in many countries ** All-in-one app for mirroring your device to TV/LCD/VGA, using AirPlay or cable. Get your photos, webpages, documents ...

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** Top 100 charts in many countries ** All-in-one app for mirroring your device to TV/LCD/VGA, using AirPlay or cable. Get your photos, webpages, documents etc to your TV/LCD through cable or wirelessly. Play with your iPhone/iPod's camera and impress your friends. AirPlay is supported on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod with iOS 4.2 or later. VGA/Component/Composite/HDMI cables are supported only on iPhone 4, iPad/iPad 2, and iPod 4th generation. Featured on the AppStore in 33 stores ***** AppleTVHacks.net For only $3, this app is a bargain and it offers a lot to love. ***** ***** Customer Reviews by GabrielChoi This app is must buy if you own an iPad and buy a vga connection already! So happy I must write a review Without this software the cable is absolutely useless. by smuffle I use it for the text editor and pictures to show in my English lessons. No problems. ****** Ever wanted to share your webapp, web-browser, photos, maps or facebook photos on a large screen with your friends. Did you want to take notes in a meeting while projecting what you type to the rest of attendees. Got an iPhone and would like to play with the camera and show it on TV. Try out TVOut Genie today and see how it can help you at work, at home and everywhere you go. Using TVOut Genie is very simple and intuitive. You simply choose the widget you like to share on the external screen or TV and turn on the projection. Then simply use the widget. Built-in widgets: - Documents (Pages, Numbers, KeyNote, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, Text) - Web browser (includes bookmarks and auto-search) - Map (with satellite and hybrid options as well as home button) - Text editor for notes (with font sizes and e-mail) - Photo browser Note: TVOut Genie must be granted access to the location services since photos have location information embedded in them To do that, go to Device settings, turn on Location Services, then turn on TVOut Genie's entry. - Facebook for browsing and showing photos - Camera (on a device with a camera) AirPlay supports multiple AirPlay-enabled devices and even if the device can not be detected you can still use the IP address. TVOut Genie is simply a must have for Apple TV or any TV connector cable owners. Supported configurations: - Mirroring through cable: Cable (VGA, composite, HDMI, or component) and iPhone4, iPad or 4th gen iPod - Mirroring through AirPlay: AirPlay device (ex. Apple TV), and any iPhone, iPad, iPod with at least iOS 4.2.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.6

Size: 2.89 MB


Price: 3,99 €

Developed by JwalSoft Inc.

Day of release: 2010-11-8

Recommended age: 4+

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