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Tagalog Spelling

Tagalog Spelling Tagalog is the language of the Philippines and this app will teach you how to spell and say some 300 words in Tagalog. This is a great ...

Discontinued App


Tagalog Spelling Tagalog is the language of the Philippines and this app will teach you how to spell and say some 300 words in Tagalog. This is a great start for anyone who would like to learn to speak Tagalog or for a native Philippine child who needs to learn to spell. There are two different modes, a practice mode where you can see the word for a few seconds and then you must spell it and Spell Test mode where you are asked to spell all words in that test. Pass the spelling test to unlock other levels and see your high scores! Additional levels can be added as and when you wish to progress! Words within this app are (in English); Bear Dog Deer Feet Goal One Pool Van Ball Bed Bird Boots Cat Cup Fish Grass Key Key Mouse Potty Swing Table Teacher Train Balloon Black Blue Bottle Bubbles Can Cards Chalk Cheese Chin Coach Cone Cow Cushion Desk Donkey Duck Eight Elbows Eyes Five Four Gate Glass Golf Grapefruit Guinea Pig Judo King Lion Lounge Luge Money Mortar Board Pillow Pond Puppy Purple Rat Red Rubber Seven Sheep Six Snail Spade Stones Sun Tongue Tree White Yacht Zero Book Car Chair Door Hands Milk Pencil Pizza Soap Swing Arms Bathroom Beach Box Bucket Canoe Carrots Cherry Chicken Circle Circus Colours Cream Crocodile Dad Ears Egg Eyebrows Face Girl Gold Goose Green Hair House Hug Jellyfish Kiosk Kiss Knees Leaf Legs Lemar Meat Mouth Mud Mummy Nine Nose Oval Panda Paper Pear Pig Pineapple Policeman Queen Raisin Rice Sea Silver Skirt Soup Sphere Ten Three Tiger Toilet Trolley Vegetables Vest Watch Water Wrist Yellow Zebra Bib Boat Clock Drink Frog Garden Rabbit Alligator Banana Basket Bench Boy Camera Canteen Carpet Cereals Cheek Clown Comb Cot Day Cruiser Boat Doctor Doll Drum Fingers Football Freezer Fruit Gerbil Giraffe Goggles Goodbye Hedge Hoover Horse Kitchen Lamp Laptop Mango Monkey Mushroom Nappies Nappy People Picnic Referee Rowing Boat Shark Shell Snooker Snow Socks Star Sugar Teeth Toes Tortoise Two Wheel Wind Yoghurt Baby Bread Coat Crayon Family Fork Pen Spoon Sweets Walking Aisles Ant Batteries Bee Bell Board Eraser Bowl Boxing Brush Cabbage Camel Curtain Draw Dress Dummy Fence Fifty Fireman Glasses Glider Gondola Gorilla Helper Hurdles Ladybird Mask Mirror Paint Pants Pencil Sharpener Plate Popcorn Pyjamas Rowing Satchel Scarf Scissors Seventy Shoes Spider Squirrel Toothbrush Towel Wasp Window Bath Blanket Flower Flying Hat Knife Orange Running School Stairs Aeroplane Apple Butterfly Crab Eighty Flip Flops Flowers Forty Gliding Glove Leopard Lettuce Moth Peas Penguin Phone Playing Field Please Pumpkin Rectangle Sand


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