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Tai Chi & Chi Kung Stress Relief and Relaxation Programme

SALE: We have lowered the price from $12 to $4.99. This sale will last only a few days. Charts: Top 40 US Top 60 UK Top 3 Romania Top 5 Norway Top ...

Discontinued App


SALE: We have lowered the price from $12 to $4.99. This sale will last only a few days. Charts: Top 40 US Top 60 UK Top 3 Romania Top 5 Norway Top 10 Netherlands Top 20 Italy Top 40 Australia Top 50 Germany Top 120 France Top 150 Czech Republic DEAR USERS, PLEASE READ: This App features the first set of the 8 brocades. We show you the first 4 excercises, specially helpfull for relaxing and cooling down. The 8 Brocades is the name of this set of excercises, which mayinclude 2 further levels which can extend the whole thing to 3sets of excercises totaling 36 movements. -------------- Master Rupert Shonaike, creator of the Tai Chi Top hit App "Tai Chi Chuan Pro Edition" is back: Learn to relax with this special 15 minutes programm for business people and people with a busy lifestyle. Master Rupert Shonaike has created a special programm for stress relief and relaxation. This programm is the result of his work of over 20 years in business enviroments. He has been leadig regular Tai Chi stress reduction courses with the Ford Motor Company Europe. ---- Tai Chi & Chi Kung Stress Relief and Relaxation Programme The 3 Treasures Series This series can be especially helpful for those with a busy lifestyle. The 3 Treasures are a 15 minute programme which, with regular practice, is an excellent resource to help in relieving stress, for relaxation and rejuvenation of mind and body. These exercises are known to be between 2-3 thousand years old and where practiced by warrior monks. These movements helped them to survive the sometimes hard and brutal conditions. Today the same exercises help us to better cope and regain balance in our every day tasks and challenges. Loosening Exercises The loosening exercises offer an excellent preparation to any movement or sport activity and can be especially beneficial for anyone with too little movement or exercises in their daily rhythm. 8 Brocades (1-4) The 8 Brocades, also known as the Silk Exercises or Baduanjin are a part of the ancient Chinese art of Chi Kung which translates to English as the science of breath. Tai Chi Chuan In the Tai Chi movement ‘Wave Hands Like Clouds’ the turning of the upper body effects a loosening and massaging of the internal organs and is said to be helpful in rebalancing the energies in both sides of the brain. Meridian Massage The health benefits of the meridian face massage include promoting clearer vision, improved senses and a health complexion. The techniques include tapping, pressing and a soft massage of the meridian points. Biografie: Master Rupert F. Shonaike, born London 1947, took an early interest in the Martial Arts. He is a master of Tai Chi Chuan, chinese yoga, calisthenics and chinese boxing (soft style).In 1961 he won the ABA Boxing Championships for London. From 1973 he trained fulltime with the late Prof. Chee Soo of the International Wu Shu Association in Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese Yoga and a soft style of Chinese Boxing. The Yang Style of Tai Chi Chuan he trained with students of the late Yang Shou Chung. In 1977 he was one of only 3 TCC trainers in Germany. Today he runs a busy studio in the heart of Cologne where he leads teachers courses and public traings. He also works as a Stressmanagement-Trainer with Corporations i.e since 1997 regular weekly courses at the Ford Motor Company Europe. He is also the author and producer of the 'amazon'-Bestseller DVD: Tai Chi Chuan, Cassical Yang Style in 5 Chapters. The Publisher: Walking Library Walking Library, is our product line of high-grade education- and knowledge applications. Our vision: High-grade applications which constantly stay with the user. Brief learning units fitting into small time frames. Developed by experts. Our experts are specialists and instructors in and for their respective fields of expertise. By means of technology, learning becomes more exciting. Smart phones offer a unique range of technology.


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