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Tale of Two Bits

****On Sale for a limited time**** "Rollin' down the street in a phat hoopty: it was just him and his posse. Music: blaring. The beat: bumpin'. You know, ...

Discontinued App


****On Sale for a limited time**** "Rollin' down the street in a phat hoopty: it was just him and his posse. Music: blaring. The beat: bumpin'. You know, these bad brothas were up to somethin'. Forty in hand. His boy chillin' in the passenger seat. Grinnin', laughin', and spittin' game to the beat." Well, it may sound silly to you, but it was what they were doing. Rollin' down the street with the convertible top down, cruising around their hood in a car they had just 'borrowed' from up-town. The four of them were still riding the adrenaline high they got from doing a 'job', one that would definitely land them in jail if they were caught. So begins the story of Skito, Ry, John, and Jewels, four teenagers trying to survive Boston's inner-city streets. Listening to them talk about selling drugs, doing petty crimes, and committing murder, the reader becomes immersed in the language and culture of four young men looking for fun, shelter, and the good life. -------------------------- About the Author -------------------------- R. A. Frederick, was raised in Stone Mountain, GA, attended Woodward Academy in College Park, is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was the first employee of Convergence Corporation which was acquired by Amazon.com in 1999. He worked for Amazon.com for seven years, where his innovations led to the launch and world-wide expansion of the mobile commerce program Amazon Anywhere, the launch of Voice-Recognition based Customer Self Service solutions, the launch of the Amazon Web Services Program via the E-Commerce Web Service, and numerous internal projects that dealt with Web Service based rewards programs, payment solutions, and the first customer-to-customer real-time chat solution ever to grace the pages of a product's detail page. R.A. also is the Executive Producer of the KREATORS, a hip-hop group out of Boston, MA, that has just recently celebrated 12 years of Independent Music releases. He enjoys political discussion, was voted in by his peers to become a 2008 Washington State Delegate for Barack Obama, and is enjoying his new home in Seattle, WA with his wife, two children, and his 9 year old dog, Nola. -------------------------- RAF Multimedia Book Reader -------------------------- Developed by the Author's company, this book reader is full featured and fun to use. Features: 1. Table of Contents 2. Ability to Search by Keyword or phrase, with words highlighted. 3. Bookmarking functionality 4. Auto-scrolling, with accelerometer tilt and on-screen controls. 5. Ability to change font, size of text, color of text, and paper/background color. 6. Chapter to Chapter Flip Transitions 7. Memory of last page/chapter read so that the user doesn't have to remember where to start reading after closing the app.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 7.35 MB


Price: 3,59 €

Developed by RAF MultiMedia

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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