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TalkRocket Go is the world`s easiest to use communication aid for people with speech and language disabilities. ➤ Perfect for a Wide Range ...

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TalkRocket Go is the world’s easiest to use communication aid for people with speech and language disabilities. ➤ Perfect for a Wide Range of Disabilities TalkRocket Go helps thousands of people around the world to speak out loud, including people living with: - ALS - Autism Spectrum Disorders - Aphasia, Apraxia, Ataxia, Dysarthria - Brain Cancer - Cerebral Palsy - Developmental Disabilities and Delays - Down Syndrome - Parkinson’s Disease - Stroke - Traumatic Brain Injury - And many other challenges... ➤ An Intuitive Design for All Ages and Abilities TalkRocket Go was designed in collaboration with top research institutions to be easy to learn and use. Children are engaged by TalkRocket Go’s bright colors and simple shapes, while adults are proud to use an app that looks so polished and attractive. ➤ Location-Based Vocabularies for Faster Communication TalkRocket Go has the power to present useful words and images based on a user’s physical location. At home, work, school, and a thousand other places, TalkRocket Go users can access contextually-relevant vocabulary in seconds. ➤ Physical Accessibility with Scanning For those with dexterity challenges, TalkRocket Go comes equipped with special features for physical accessibility. Highlighting each vocabulary item one-by-one, TalkRocket Go can turn the touchscreen into one giant button, letting users make choices with their whole arm or just a pinky finger. ➤ Features for Families, Teachers, and Professionals TalkRocket Go is built from the ground up to be a breeze for supporters to help maintain. Supporter Studio, a fully-featured online customization tool, makes it easy to customize phrases, pictures, and places from any web browser. Automatic Backup means work on a TalkRocket Go user’s vocabulary is always safe and secure, even if a device is lost or broken. ➤ Amazing Free Services and Support Only TalkRocket Go includes amazing services like Supporter Studio and Automatic Backup for free with every app purchase. And if you need any help, you can count on TalkRocket Go’s personal support team. We’ll even phone you anywhere in the world, on us. Learn more and read our “60 Second Guide to TalkRocket Go” at MyVoiceAAC.com


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Version: 5.0

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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