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TalkTabletCA is the award winning speech app for people with autism, aphasia and other speech conditions that is supported by our toll-free technical ...

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TalkTabletCA is the award winning speech app for people with autism, aphasia and other speech conditions that is supported by our toll-free technical support phone number at 866-487-1006. Developed by the leader in AAC speech software (a Canadian) for over 23 years. Call us anytime and speak to one of our staff at 866-487-1006. TalkTabletCA (with 11 English, 7 French and 1 French Canadian voice) is a full-featured AAC speech solution for people who are unable to communicate clearly as a result of Autism, Aphasia, Down Syndrome, Stroke, Laryngectomy or other condition that adversely affects a persons ability to speak. TalkTablet is a "universal iOS" app and is compatible with the iPod, iPhone, iPad & iPad Mini. TalkTabletCA uses a breakthrough interface design that simplifies button and page customizing, yet provides a wealth of features and flexibility not seen in current symbol based speech apps. Every button and every page (folder) in TalkTabletCA has its own settings, allowing different colors, fonts, page layouts and more on any button or page (folder).

 ********************************************************** TalkTablet includes our free Gus Global Sharing Service which allows users to share buttons, pages of buttons or entire user vocabularies with other TalkTablet users anywhere in the world. Requires an internet connection. ******************************************************** TalkTabletCA includes over 30,000 SymbolStix communication symbols, or use the iPad’s camera to take a picture or choose one from your iPad’s photo album. Or go on-line and choose from millions of high resolution images and symbols. TalkTabletCA offers 19 Acapela voices including female, male and children's voices. Natural sounding voices without that awful robot sound. Furthermore, you can record your words and phrases with the built-in audio recording feature. * Absolutely SIMPLE button and page setup and editing * Multiple vocabularies - Create separate page sets for multiple users, with password protection. * INCLUDES 9 (eight) vocabulary sets from 16 to 42 buttons per page. * Over 30,0000 high resolution SymbolStix communication symbols. * User defined button properties. Each button has it's own colors, border, fonts etc. * Buttons can be "Normal", "Dimmed" or "Invisible" * User defined page (folder) properties. Each page has it's own colors, backgrounds etc.. * Individualized page layouts from 1 to 256 buttons/page....on any page. * Switch Scanning! TalkTablet is the first full featured speech/AAC app to offer access through 1 and 2 switch scanning, using either the touchscreen as the switch(s), or by using conventional switches. * Option to send message bar text to Printer, Text message, Email or Facebook * Includes FREE wireless page sharing....and, of course, all updates are FREE TalkTabletUS is developed by Gus Communication Devices (USA) a company with over 20 years of experience creating world class speech apps at very competitive prices. TalkTabletCA includes free telephone, email and live Chat technical support. Yes! There are actual living people at the end of our phone number. If you want to talk to us, give us call at 360-715-8580 from Monday - Friday, 10am-5pm PST. TalkTabletCA can be purchased by educational institutions at a 50% discount under Apple’s Volume Licensing Program. Available on orders of 20+ copies (US only). View video demonstrations and tutorials at


Technical specifications

Version: 10.34

Size: 491.36 MB


Price: 75,46 €

Developed by Gus Communications, Inc.

Day of release: 2012-04-19

Recommended age: 4+

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