Talking Animals: Listen and Learn for Kids

Let your kids explore an amazing world of animals by learning and practicing in two separate game modes. This unique app features both common farm and ...

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Let your kids explore an amazing world of animals by learning and practicing in two separate game modes. This unique app features both common farm and wild animals. Children will love the adorable illustrations, cute photos, and realistic sounds! A product from our extremely popular new educational line (three previous titles ranked in top 10 in iPad - educational category). Talking Animals is divided into three areas: You can select the desired learning area by choosing the correct icon from the main menu. Does your child do not know all the animals? Do you want him or her to improve recognition of the animals according to their sounds, images, or names? No problem. Just tap on the Learning button to get to the Learning mode. Learning mode: - Tap on the animal and hear its sound, tap again and hear its name or watch how it - rotates funnily. - Make up the animal's name, listen to the letters and hears the animal's name. The combination of photos and illustrations in this app is crucial as it significantly facilitates children's ability to generalize and categorize concepts. The power of observation and attention to detail will be developed when comparing individual photos of the animals. Similarly, the child's capacity to make associations will be enhanced when learning to match the specific sounds to the specific animals. All of these skills are essential for a promotion of learning in general, and therefore your children will find this app to be useful well beyond the boundaries of this application. Is your child a bit advanced and wants some more challenge? or to practice the newly acquired skills? Sure thing! Tap on the Game button to get to the Game mode and enjoy the lovely fairy tale setting. Game mode: - touch the animal with its sound - listen sound and with its correct name - get all the animals right and enjoy with us! To enhance learning and motivate children, children are praised enthusiastically for each correct answer in the game mode. Developed in close cooperation with teachers and parents, this app is designed to both educate and entertain. We hope your children will enjoy it. Looking for something entertain but also educational for your kids? Talking Animals provides hours of fun and learning. EASY TO PLAY: TOUCH THE ANIMAL TO HEAR 3 AMAZING THEME:JUNGLE, FARM AND SEA OVER 24 ANIMALS DESIGNED FOR TODDLERS COLORFUL IMAGES BEAUTIFUL SCENES Talking Animals is a Universal App - get it once and it will work on both your iPad and iPhone/iPod touch. ----------------------------------------- For more games, visit us at FIND US in FACEBOOK:


Technical specifications

Version: 5.1.1

Size: 19.67 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by marco zaina

Day of release: 2012-09-11

Recommended age: 4+

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