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Talking Baby Flash Cards

With Version 2.0 of Talking Baby Flash Cards, you get two types of flash cards (over 500 cards in all!) for your baby or toddler in one convenient package! ...

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With Version 2.0 of Talking Baby Flash Cards, you get two types of flash cards (over 500 cards in all!) for your baby or toddler in one convenient package! This newly updated app contains a set of over 300 picture flash cards for younger toddlers and also a complete set of all 220 Dolch words for older children. With this single app, your toddler can start her journey into reading with picture flash cards of 'apple' or 'banana', and work her way up to more abstract words such as 'about' or 'because'. For young toddlers first learning to read, this app provides a collection of over 300 picture flash cards. Each flash card is illustrated with a large and clear image of the item, with its English name below. Unlike traditional paper flash cards, each card can also speak the name of the object in a mixture of male and female professionally recorded voices. While looking through the pretty pictures and having fun with this app, your child will learn to read and say the names of various items. As your child learns to read, she will come across commonly used words that cannot be sounded out, because they don't sound like their spellings (like 'know' or 'were'). To be a good reader, these words must be memorized. These special words are known as Sight Words, or Dolch Words (named after Dr. Edward William Dolch who first assembled a list of such words). This app contains 220 flash cards, covering the complete list of all 220 Dolch words, for your young aspiring reader to memorize. You can sit down with your child and enjoy Talking Baby Flash Cards in a fun learning session, going through the cards together. But this app was also designed to be used by the little one, with its simple and uncluttered design, attractive images, and intuitive controls. This is the only flash card app that combines picture flash cards and the complete Dolch sight word list into a single package. We originally created this app for our three year old and her baby toddler sister. Our three year old figured out all by herself how to go through the cards and get them to talk within minutes. We hope your baby or toddler come to love this app as much as ours do, and we would very much appreciate hearing about your experience with it. Please contact us with your questions, comments, or improvement ideas at smartnode@gmail.com. Features: 1. 300 beautifully illustrated picture flash cards, organized into eight themes, including: a. Food (i.e. apple, banana, orange) b. Animals (i.e. cat, dog, elephant) c. Clothing (i.e. belt, hat, sock) d. Items in the home (i.e. mirror, spoon, umbrella) e. Things out in the world (i.e. airplane, car, train) f. People and parts of body (i.e. ear, eye, fireman) g. Numbers h. Colors Each flash card contains a clear image of the item, its English text, and a high-quality audio recording of the precise pronunciation of the word, all packaged together with curious little ones in mind. 2. Complete set of all 220 Dolch words, organized into five difficulty levels: Pre-Primer, Primer, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade. Each flash card contains the word displayed in large font and a high quality audio recording of the pronounciation. 3. Simple design makes the app so easy to use that a toddler can run it by herself! Perfect if you use your iPhone/iTouch as a 'portable babysitter', as we and many of our friends sometimes do. 4. Decks can be individually selected, so you can customize the browsing experience for your child. 5. Flash cards can be shown in alphabetical order or randomly selected. 6. Sound can be turned on and off, and volume is adjustable via regular iPhone controls. 7. Most important of all - tested and approved by a finicky three year old and her friends!


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