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Talking to Toddlers

A teacher designed this App based on a three-year study showing that talking to toddlers improves vocabulary, IQ, and school performance all the way through ...

Discontinued App


A teacher designed this App based on a three-year study showing that talking to toddlers improves vocabulary, IQ, and school performance all the way through age ten. To watch a movie about the App click the Developer Web Site link or visit http://youtu.be/P1t-orYBg4c. Talking to Toddlers consistently ranks in the top 50 paid book Apps on the App Store, because it is packed with 12 CHILDREN'S BOOKS. Each book includes fun interactivity: POP bubbles, CUT paper snowflakes, DROP marshmallows in Cocoa, CRUNCH Fall leaves, CLEAN UP blocks, MUNCH a sandwich, DRAW with crayons, and more! You'll get: - A Book for Bedtime, - Ballads for the Bath, - Chants for Chores, - Lines for Lunch, - Poems for Playtime, - Poems for the Playground, - Rhymes for the Road, - Songs for Shopping, - Springtime for Toddlers, - Summer for Toddlers, - Autumn for Toddlers, and - Winter Fun. When you flip through the pages, each word is highlighted as the teacher who designed the App reads along to a professional musical score. Kids can tap each word and each picture to build their vocabulary. You can also stream the books to your Apple TV! You also get 12 LET'S TALK EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES, including: - Let's Talk About Bedtime, - Let's Talk About Bathtime, - Let's Talk About Chores, - Let's Talk About Lunchtime, - Let's Talk About Playtime, - Let's Talk About Playgrounds, - Let's Talk About Car Rides, - Let's Talk About Shopping, - Let's Talk About Spring, - Let's Talk About Summer, - Let's Talk About Autumn, and - Let's Talk About Winter. These educational activities encourage kids to listen and to talk back (they also keep kids busy for a very long time). You also get 60 TODDLER-TESTED MATCHING GAMES, including: - 5 Bedtime Matching Games, - 5 Bathtime Matching Games, - 5 Chores Matching Games, - 5 Lunchtime Matching Games, - 5 Playtime Matching Games, - 5 Playground Matching Games, - 5 Road Matching Games, - 5 Shopping Matching Games, - 5 Spring Matching Games, - 5 Summer Matching Games, - 5 Autumn Matching Games, and - 5 Winter Matching Games. These matching games invite kids to play with critical vocabulary words over and over again. You also get 60 TODDLER-TESTED JIGSAW PUZZLES, including: - 5 Bedtime Puzzles, - 5 Bathtime Puzzles, - 5 Chores Puzzles, - 5 Lunchtime Puzzles, - 5 Playtime Puzzles, - 5 Playground Puzzles, - 5 Road Puzzles, - 5 Shopping Puzzles, - 5 Spring Puzzles, - 5 Summer Puzzles, - 5 Autumn Puzzles, and - 5 Winter Puzzles. These jigsaw puzzles develop spatial reasoning and fine motor skills. They have also been specially calibrated to balance difficulty and positive reinforcement to keep young kids engaged. Best of all, this app is constantly updated with fresh content and improved technology. BE SURE TO READ REVIEWS OF RECENT VERSIONS.


Technical specifications

Version: 5.2

Size: 203.66 MB


Price: 4,66 €

Developed by Byrne Publishing LLC

Day of release: 2010-10-29

Recommended age: 4+

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